Saturday, July 28, 2012

.net "Portable Class Library"

Portable Class Library:

Visual Studio 2012 RC supports a special type of DLL that can work with
.NET 4 / 4.5
Silverlight 4 / 5
Win Phone 7 (and newer)
XBOX 360

MetaWatch STRATA: the Smartwatch for the iPhone 4S & Android by Meta Watch — Kickstarter

MetaWatch STRATA: the Smartwatch for the iPhone 4S & Android by Meta Watch — Kickstarter


OEM semiconductor purchasers

Apple iPhone 5 delay, chip worries surface (again) | ZDNet

(Galaxy Nexus vs) Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S3

hands-on comparison

Screen resolution: Galaxy S III's screen has more pixels, arrayed 720 x 1280. iPhone 4S has 640 x 960 pixels. Compound that by the screen sizes: S III measures 4.8 inches diagonally versus 3.5 inches for the iPhone 4S. The result is that the iPhone 4S has more pixels per square inch and thus provides a sharper image. The additional pixels per inch do not make up for the screen size in overall viewing ease - you see more, more easily, on the S III's bigger screen.

Price (with contract) $​199 vs. $​200
Price (without contract $​749 vs. $​549

For carriers the most important difference is the price: there is $200 more profit for selling and Android device. And that would be easy on just numbers, since on every stat is better on Samsung. But iPhone is just more liked, because it is more reliable and polished.

iPhone is an status symbol, as a Mercedes. You can purchase and Hyundai for much less money and more features, and it simply not the same.

Many of those who have Mercedes in fact can't afford it. Same goes for iPhone.e Most of the expense is in fact on the phone plan. And those 'networks' are in fact built quite inefficiently, parallel and not connected to each other...

There is also Google Galaxy Nexus, that is very similar to Goalaxy S3 A very good phone, for $350, no contact. And with latest Android.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mobile Cross Platform

Infoq: Mobile Cross Platform Decisions presentation

Titanium, Flash Builder, PhoneGap, and Mobile Web

Xamarin Mono for iOS and Android is missing from the list...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ikea augmented reality catalog

Ikea augmented reality catalog becomes reality - SlashGear

"So what is an “augmented reality catalog”? Apparently you’ll be able to take your phone, point it toward a piece of furniture in the catalog, and see an “X-ray” depiction of the unit. So you’ll get to see what holds the furniture together, but it will also be augmented with links to video clips, 3D models, and digital how-to guides. The paper Ikea catalog isn’t going away anytime soon, but the retailer said it really wanted to bring some digital interaction to it."


ongoing by Tim Bray · Rebuilding the Foundation:

HTTP has been the most successful application protocol ever invented, by a wide margin.

SPDY” is a drop-in re­place­ment for HTTP net­work­ing that 
should be in­vis­i­ble to both clients and servers. 
It was cooked up at Google, and is built into Chrome and Fire­fox,
and a lot of the servers at Google use it. 

Mike Belshe, who’s sort of seen as the guy be­hind SPDY,
used to work for Google but doesn’t any more."

SPDY does not replace HTTP; it modifies the way HTTP requests and responses are sent over the wire. This means that all existing server-side applications can be used without modification if a SPDY-compatible translation layer is put in place. When sent over SPDY, HTTP requests are processed, tokenized, simplified and compressed. For example, each SPDY endpoint keeps track of which headers have been sent in the past requests and can avoid resending the headers that have not changed; those that must be sent are sent compressed.

Friday, July 20, 2012

REST "spec": Fielding Dissertation: CHAPTER 6

REST Web Services are described in PhD thesis of Roy Fielding
He is also one of main authors of HTTP spec.

Fielding Dissertation: CHAPTER 6: Experience and Evaluation:

The authors of SOAP spec admit they didn't quite know Web when making SOAP web service.
The author of REST has is the author of the Web (HTTP), so he DID know what he was doing :).

Stephen Covey's 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

RIP Stephen Covey. Here are his famous '7 Habits Of Highly Effective People' - Business Insider

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin With The End In Mind
  3. Put First Things First
  4. Think Win/Win
  5. Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood
  6. Synergize 
  7. Sharpen The Saw

Levels of development:
  • Dependence
  • Independence
  • Interdependence
Habit 3: Put First Things First (focus on quadrant II)
First Things First (book) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Stephen R. Covey speaking at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - YouTube

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stat Trek - teach yourself statistics

Statistics, Probability, and Survey Sampling:
"Stat Trek Teach yourself statistics"

SignalR + ASP.NET vs + node.js

SignalR is "a next big thing" from ASP.NET team, to be added to MVC, WebAPI etc.
It provides bi-directional communication between web server and web browser.
It is obviously based on .NET, and it was in part inspired by from node.js.

Rob Conery used to work in Microsoft in or related to ASP.NET team,
and now is independent and he prefers Mac, node.js and related tools.
Damian Edwards is co-creator of SignalR, and currently works on ASP.NET team.

NDC 2012 Cage Match: NodeJS vs. ASP.NET
@ NDC2012 - Norwegian Developers Conference

Rob Conery, Jon Galloway and Damian Edwards - NDC 2012 Cage Match: NodeJS vs. ASP.NET from NDCOslo on Vimeo

podcast interview after match, @HeardingCode

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text - Download

A favorite text editor of many web developers...


A random result of miss-typed search... interesting


Modern Design...


Previous Design...

Berlin-based studio J. Mayer H. has designed the Dupli Casa project. The 12,800 square foot, three story, contemporary home is located near Ludwigsburg, Germany, and was completed in August 2008.

The geometry of the building is based on the footprint of the house that previously was located on the site. Originally built in 1984 and with many extensions and modifications since then, the new building echoes the “family archaeology” by duplication and rotation.

The new design for sure looks impressive.
On the other side, it also looks more like a museum of modern art,
and less as a livable home. Similar to Fallingwater by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Smartphones Statistics

Android, iOS Called Dominant Smartphones | PCWorld

More than a third (34.3 percent) of smartphone owners use Apple iPhone. Samsung is a distant second with 17 percent, followed by HTC (14 percent) and Motorola (11 percent).

Rubik's Cube (Rubikova kocka)

Rubik's Cube: Rubukova kocka, Dejan Ristanovic


Slaganje kocke

Tutorial: Rubik's cube with HTML5 (CSS3 + JavaScript)

Solving Rubik's cube in HTML5 (CSS3+JS)

Solving Rubik's in SVG/VML

WebGL !!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

aspConf 2012 @ Microsoft Channel 9

aspConf 2012 | Channel 9

aspConf is a virtual conference focused on one thing: showcasing the ASP.NET stack as the platform for great web applications. We've revamped the popular mvcConf conference to serve all of ASP.NET, Windows Azure, the MS Web Platform and the community as a whole.

aspConf will be broadcasting live on July 17 2012 starting at 8:30AM PST (11:30 EST)

keynotes from Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman.

The Amazon Economy

The Amazon Economy | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Amazon has quietly become the back end of a huge number of businesses on and offline. Amazon takes their orders, warehouses their stock. Amazon ships what you buy – from them. Its infrastructure is ginormous. Its next target: same-day delivery. It may be the knock-out blow for physical retail as we’ve known it.

Apparently, Amazon already has about 30+ huge distribution centers,
in some but not all US states. They have to apply sales tax only if they
"have presence" in the state, and apparently avoiding this for remaining states
is becoming increasingly difficult.

As a good business, Amazon is taking this challenge to their advantage,
planning to have even more warehouses closer to buyers,
and enabling even faster delivery: same say.

Detailed investigation at is becoming an "infrastructure" of the economy.

The low prices are not free, since working condition in warehouses are not great,
many popular affordable products are imported, and while it is easy to become
one of large number of sellers on Amazon (2+ million!) there is no sustainable advantage.

The Go Programming Language

The Go Programming Language

There is already a book about new language from Google, "Go".

Go is a new programming language focused on speed, safety, and simplicity. It blends a C-like syntax-including curly braces-with automatic garbage collection and new features designed specifically for concurrency.

Go comes with numerous high-quality libraries, and its compile speed is blazingly fast, even on lightweight hardware.

Go is primarily sponsored by Google, but it's used at companies like Canonical and Heroku.

And there are already two compilers for the Go language,

and there is also interactive online "playground" ("REPL")

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Google Docs is now Google Drive

Google Docs is now Google Drive - we take it for a spin | Android Central:

This is an old news, from April 2012.
It is interesting that focus has moved from "editing" to "storage".
Because of "mobile first", and phones and even tablets are not very good for editing.

Google Drive SDK

Microsoft "answer", SkyDrive, has almost identical purpose: sharing files online.
Editable "documents" are exception, rather than a rule.

The API is also REST based, and there are samples in many prog. languages...

Apparently Apple has again defined user expectations, with iCloud.
Files first.

Apple's 1987 Knowledge Navigator Video - YouTube

Apple's 1987 Knowledge Navigator Video - YouTube: ""

Interesting, there is still printing at the end,
with all this fancy communication tools.
Must be because iPad 3 with Retina Display was not imagined yet :)

Learning by Neural Evolution

Gerald Edelman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Nobel laureate "Edelman's "Neural Darwinism" theory of neuronal group selection,
also known as Neural Darwinism, has three basic tenets:
Developmental Selection, Experiential Selection and Reentry."

podcast interview @Exploration with Dr. Michio Kaku

The process of learning in human brain is based on evolution of neural cells connections.
Similar to genetic evolution, connections between cells evolve based on environment.
(This is very different from the way current computers work)
Consciousnesses and thinking is a "process" not a "thing" (program).

So, there is a "slow learning" by genetic evolution, that takes thousands or years
and "fast learning" in the brain that takes a lifetime of each individual.
The key element of this is the language.

I think there is a third super-fast learning evolution based on web and internet.
Every "connected human" (and device) becomes a cell in a global web network
that functions similar to the brain itself!

For example, traffic jam info is assembled from other SmartPhones and "cloud".
The search engines select "most popular" info to share with others... We "align" our behavior and opinion based on shared info (Google+, Facebook...)

So there are: DNA, Neural Cells and Smart Phones :)

The Apps are almost like DNA. The code provide a template, and actual data / environment on each running instance of the program behaves slightly differently...

Microsoft security fix kills Windows Gadgets

Microsoft fix kills Windows Gadgets, warns it could lead to PC hijacks | Ars Technica:

NASA "Curiosity" Mars landing

Terrified? NASA has reason to be when it comes to Mars landing -

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

on{X}: Microsoft built app for Android only.


Innovative Android app built by Microsoft Israel,
that is using JavaScript for remote control/programming of the device.

on{X} (pronounced like 'on-ex') lets you control and extend the capabilities of your Android phone using a JavaScript API to remotely program it
what are rules?
Rules are JavaScript code that runs on your phone. A rule is composed of a trigger and an action - when X happens, do Y (on{X} do {Y}).

how does it work?
Install the on{X} application on your Android phone, log in to the website and app, and push rules to your phone. Rules you create using the on{X} website are immediately sent to your phone using the on{X} application. The rules you create run on your phone, using the phone's abilities such as GPS, text messages, phone calls, and more. The phone's abilities are exposed in the on{X} API as Triggers and Actions.

Use on{X} to set triggers based on the phone's sensors and abilities. A wide variety of triggers are described in our documentation. Here are some basic triggers:

Monday, July 09, 2012

64 Cores, up to 512 GB RAM Servers, for less than $5000

Thinkmate : 64 Core Servers

Smartphones are not the only computer hardware that is evolving quickly...

For less than $5000 it is possible to buy a quad-CPU server, and 4 x 16 core AMD CPUs.

Microsoft has figured this out and SQL 2012 price depends on number of CPU cores.

I guess that Azure, AWS, GAE, iCloud, must be leveraging hardware like this heavily...

Even more interesting than CPU cores is max memory. 512 GB is a lot.
Most database are smaller than that. And in-memory processing is very fast.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Visualizing Bayes’ theorem

There is a saying that in Google they don't talk in percentages about probability,
but instead Bayes theorem is used for everything :)

Bayes Theorem is useful, and prof. Sebastian Thurn has described it in AI-class, as well as "Robots" class, and now in "Statistics".

This time, he provided a visual description that is helpful.

Here is another useful site with similar description.
Visualizing Bayes’ theorem |

For some reason, many Bayes descriptions are using "cancer" as an example.

Salman Kahn, from Kahn Academy, is using coins.

REWORK: The new business book from 37signals.

REWORK: The new business book from 37signals.

Code School Enrollment - Code School

Code School Enrollment - Code School

"learn by doing", $25/month, mostly web & mobile development.

The production quality appears great.
Time for "offline" school to change, quickly.

Code School - CoffeeScript

Code School - CoffeeScript

fun music, interesting online school! great production! first level is free.

Friday, July 06, 2012

how to retina-fy website JavaScript with Thomas Fuchs » Blog Archive » Flowchart: how to retinafy your website

Text is fine, Canvas and SVG.
GIF => PNG, * 2
JPG & PNG * 2

Room Re-Design

Young House Love - One young family + one old house = love. by chute:

"Every app needs avatars, we make it hassle-free
hosted user avatar service for your apps and sites"

Microsoft: Terrible Management Technique

The Terrible Management Technique That Cost Microsoft Its Creativity - Forbes:

“Every current and former Microsoft employee I interviewed—every one—
cited stack ranking as the most destructive process inside of Microsoft, 
something that drove out untold numbers of employees,” Eichenwald writes. 

“If you were on a team of 10 people, you walked in the first day knowing that, 
no matter how good everyone was, 2 people were going to get a great review, 
7 were going to get mediocre reviews, and 1 was going to get a terrible review,”
says a former software developer. 
“It leads to employees focusing on competing with each other 
rather than competing with other companies.”

@ Vanity Fair

Influence => Employee's Worth

Measuring An Employee's Worth? Consider Influence | Fast Company:

"'s Chatter system released a new feature this spring called Influencer. 
It purports to measure how influential you are within your company, by tabulating, for example, 
how your fellow workers respond to the items you post to your corporate social network"

LinkedIn = 20 x Facebook (Money Per User)

How LinkedIn Makes TWENTY Times More Money Per User Than Facebook - Business Insider:

"LinkedIn users spend an average of 18 minutes a month on the site. 
Facebook users spend 6.4 hours a month.

But LinkedIn gets $1.30 in revenue for every hour those users spend on site. 
Facebook: 6.2 cents."

Reminder: statistics could be, and often are, misused.

D3.js - Data-Driven Documents

D3.js - Data-Driven Documents

D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG and CSS. D3’s emphasis on web standards gives you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework, combining powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation.

NVD3 Re-usable charts for d3.js

"Dark Matters" by PHD Comics

Dark Matters on Vimeo

Dark Matters from PHD Comics on Vimeo

Higgs Boson Explained by Cartoon

APOD: 2012 May 1 - Higgs Boson Explained by Cartoon

Higgs Boson Explained by Cartoon 
Illustrations Credit & Copyright: Jorge ChamPHD Comics

Learn Git in 15 minutes

Code School - Try Git

6 months to Nexus 7

The inside scoop on the Nexus 7 tablet (Q&A) | Internet & Media - CNET News:

"How long did it take you to pull the product together?
Brady: We started really working on it in January."

(the tablet was released in June)

That is 6 months of Google + Asus time.
And the reviews say that is the best tablet in the category.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Configure Windows Update to Use a HTTP Proxy Server

When not-transparent HTTP proxy is used, Windows updates, and other programs that use HTTP,
require special configuration to work.

How to Configure Windows Update to Use a Proxy Server - O'Reilly Answers:
"if you have configured Internet Explorer proxy server settings correctly, you can import settings from Internet Explorer into WinHTTP by using the following command. 
(Windows Vista, 7, 8, 2008, 2008R2, 2012):

> netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

To check current configuration:

> netsh winhttp show proxy

On Windows XP and 2003 the command is

> proxycfg -i

SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator

SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator - Bamboo Nation

Standard Edition with 10 users is about $15500.
About half of this is for SQL server.

Wikipedia: Efficient Servers

An appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales - Wikimedia Foundation:
"Google might have close to a million servers. Yahoo has something like 13,000 staff. 
We (wikipedia) have 679 servers and 140 staff.
Wikipedia is the #5 site on the web and serves 492 million different people every month 
– with billions of page views."

It is interesting how much can be done with relatively small number of Wikipmedia Servers .
So it is not only about "large number of commodity servers", as pushed by "Cloud providers".

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

MIT 2012 Commencement Address by Salman Kahn

MIT 2012 Commencement Address - YouTube

Udacity "Elegant Code" Competition

Official Elegant Code Competition! - CS212: @ Udacity

Whoever submits the code with the most votes will get a free Udacity T-Shirt.
Code can be anything in any language, but people have to like it to vote for it.

Android patent challenges: Apple, Nokia vs Samsung, Google

Samsung fails to stall Galaxy Nexus sales ban • The Register:

Samsung's bad luck in the US courts continues after Judge Lucy Koh refused to delay a ban on its Galaxy Nexus smartphones...

Google has pulled the Nexus from its US Play store, and the phone has been changed from "for sale" to "coming soon" with no other information.

By the way, the Google is selling the Nexus phone for $349,
that is about half the price of iPhone 4S.
Most likely Google is not making profit on such sales,
so that may be the best "deal" on a smartphone.

Same goes for Nextus 7 tablet ($199), that is being challenged
by Nokia patents

It is interesting that from most of Android devices sold, Microsoft is getting $5 to $15 on patents licensing, but Apple does not want to provide any license, and Google does not want to pay any.

Patents are a mess... A useful tool, but a mess.

California for autonomous, self-driving cars

Plan for, autonomous, or self-driving cars passes California senate hurdle. - Los Angeles Times

2012-05-21: "A bill that allows for the use of self-driving cars on California’s roads passed the California State Senate.

SB1298 by State Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) would establish guidelines for such "autonomous vehicles" to be tested and operated in California. The bill now goes to the Assembly for consideration next month."

Ongong negotiations about liability

Driverless vehicles would be required to have a licensed driver behind the wheel and be ready to take over should a problem arise

Monday, July 02, 2012

Great Beard => Successful Programming Language

The Secret of a Successful Programming Language? A Really Great Beard | Wired Enterprise |

Ken Thompson, co-creator of "C",
most popular programming language of all time,
is now working in Google, on "Go" programming language,
that is an evolution of "C" optimized for for parallel computing.

Parallel to "Go", Google engineers are also developing "Dart" programming language,
that is an evolution of JavaScript

Second most popular language is Java, and its creator James Gosling also has a beard.
He also briefly worked in Google after Oracle's purchase of Sun.

Google Maps Elevation API

The Google Elevation API - Google Maps API Web Services — Google Developers:

The Elevation API provides elevation data for all locations on the surface of the earth, including depth locations on the ocean floor (which return negative values). In those cases where Google does not possess exact elevation measurements at the precise location you request, the service will interpolate and return an averaged value using the four nearest locations.

Google Maps Find Altitude

Sunday, July 01, 2012

REST web services, 6 constraints

REST, And Now for Something Completely Different: @ InfoQ

a deeper explanation of REST, going beyond URIs, HTTP or web pages to the architectural style REST provides and the 6 constraints imposed by REST. @ Wikipedia original PhD Thesis document that introduced REST architectural style