Saturday, December 21, 2013

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The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android

The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android - Fred Vogelstein - The Atlantic:

"Andy Rubin (lead of Android) was so astonished by what Jobs was unveiling that, on his way to a meeting, he had his driver pull over so that he could finish watching the webcast.

“Holy crap,” he said to one of his colleagues in the car. “I guess we’re not going to ship that phone.”...

What the Android team had been working on, a phone code-named Sooner, sported software that was arguably more revolu­tionary than what had just been revealed in the iPhone....

However, the Sooner phone was ugly. It looked like a Black-Berry, with a traditional keyboard and a small screen that wasn’t touch-enabled."

Tim O’Reilly: Create more value than you capture

Tim O’Reilly Urges Developers and Entrepreneurs to Make Moonshots - Programming - O'Reilly Media

"Hardware is new software"
(example: Square)

Network as a platfrom

Data is new "Intel inside"