Monday, April 01, 2024

Yann Lecun | Objective-Driven AI

Yann Lecun | Objective-Driven AI: Towards AI systems that can learn, remember, reason, and plan - YouTube

Speaker: Yann Lecun, New York University & META 

Title: Objective-Driven AI: Towards AI systems that can learn, remember, reason, and plan 

Abstract: How could machines learn as efficiently as humans and animals? How could machines learn how the world works and acquire common sense? How could machines learn to reason and plan? Current AI architectures, such as Auto-Regressive Large Language Models fall short. I will propose a modular cognitive architecture that may constitute a path towards answering these questions. The centerpiece of the architecture is a predictive world model that allows the system to predict the consequences of its actions and to plan a sequence of actions that optimize a set of objectives. The objectives include guardrails that guarantee the system's controllability and safety. The world model employs a Hierarchical Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture (H-JEPA) trained with self-supervised learning. The JEPA learns abstract representations of the percepts that are simultaneously maximally informative and maximally predictable. The corresponding working paper is available here:


Amazon AI: Olympus + Anthropic

 Amazon builds Olympus AI model to compete with Anthropic, OpenAI - The Verge

"With its multibillion-dollar bet on Anthropic and its forthcoming Olympus model, Amazon is pushing hard to be a leader in AI.

Amazon completed the second phase of a deal announced last September, when it committed to investing up to $4 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic. The additional $2.75 billion invested is Amazon’s largest check ever into another company and yet another signal of how critical the development of large language models has become to Big Tech."
Anthropic has meanwhile agreed to spend $4 billion on AWS over the next several years.


so technically Amazon & Microsoft are giving money to startups to "rent back" their own infrastructure.

and at the same time doing some in-house development...

Bun.js for Windows

Bun.js version 1.1 is released, and it now also natively supports Windows.
Bun is an alternative for node.js, mostly compatible API, but much faster.
Written in Rust

Bun is it NOT using V8 JS engine as node.js and Deno,
instead using JavaScriptCore from WebKit and Safari.
Reason: performance.

It will be very interesting to see node.js team's response

Bun (software) - Wikipedia

Bun 1.1 | Bun Blog

Bun is a fast, all-in-one toolkit for running, building, testing, and debugging JavaScript and TypeScript, from a single script to a full-stack application. If you're new to Bun, you can learn more in the Bun 1.0 blog post.

Bun 1.1: Bundows is here - YouTube

Installation | Bun Docs

Bun (@bunjavascript) / X

Bun for Windows currently passes 98% of Bun’s test suite. Bun v1.1 (Bundows)

Write a simple HTTP server | Bun Examples

can even install from nmp
bun - npm
npm install -g bun