Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wolfram|Alpha: ultimate AI answering machine

podcast interview: Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Data Science - The New Stack

"When it comes to scientific computing, few names are more well known than Stephen Wolfram. He was the creator of the Mathematica, a program that researchers have been using for decades to aid in their computations. Later Wolfram expanded Mathematica into a full multi-paradigm programming language, called Wolfram Programming. The company also packaged many of the Mathematica formulas, and a lot of outside data, into a cloud-based service and API."

be a seed for $ Trillion AI business predicted?

It is a private research company but used by Apple for Siri. A big deal right there. 
Apparently it has a great set of products, and is in need of good sales. 
Maybe Microsoft, SalesForce, Amazon, Apple, or even Google?
It is a great tool! For example, it would be a phenomenal addition to MS Office :)

Amazon HW: Dash Wand with Alexa voice

While nobody was looking, Amazon become a biggest online store...
Then the first and largest public computing cloud provider
Then the primary tablet reader maker
Then the most prominent AI voice-powered gadget maker.

Amazon’s new Alexa-enabled Dash Wand is basically free for Prime subscribers - The Verge
"Amazon has released the Dash Wand, a new Alexa-enabled device that can help you scan grocery barcodes, convert measurements, and order household essentials from Amazon just by using your voice. The Wi-Fi-enabled Dash Wand is magnetic, so you can stick it on your fridge, and also offers some of the features of its bigger Echo sibling, allowing you to find recipes and restaurants without using your hands."