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The Leader Who Had No Title Book Cover
Robin Sharma | Brian Johnson

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma | PhilosophersNotes - OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson
  • "You Need No Title to Be a Leader:
    Commit to doing your absolute best and striving to be *the* best in the world at what you do
  • Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders: We just need to lean in, say “bring it on!  
  • The Deeper Your Relationships, the Stronger Your Leadership.  
  • To Be a Great Leader, First Become a Great Person. 
    The first person we need to lead is always ourselves. "

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book CoverThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma | PhilosophersNotes - OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson
"The fable shines light on these “7 Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living”:
  1. Master Your Mind
  2. Follow Your Purpose
  3. Practice Kaizen (constant and never-ending improvement)
  4. Live with Discipline
  5. Respect Your Time
  6. Selflessly Serve Others"

Interview: The Game-Changers Blueprint with Robin Sharma - YouTube

  • Greatness: 
    • everybody is born with some greatness, that is lost if you try to become "average".
    • always start from yourself, what you think of yourself you become; 
    • "we don't see the world as it truly is, we see the world as we are"
    • no blaming, be response-able;
      it is our belief system that is causing us to behave certain way
    • don't think problems, think possibilities, opportunities; 
  • Leadership:
    • not confered only to heads of states and corporations
    • do thinks well and right to raise self-identity and self-image
    • words are powerful: shift from victim speak (blaming)
      to leadership language (positive)
    • conversations: be in circles where you are not the best to learn
    • learning: avoid busy distractions, invest 
    • leadership is about service; to lead is to serve
    • greatness is using your life no matter what you do to lift the world
      and other human being by your presence, your mindset, your work. 
  • Get daily habits right:
    • start each day ("5 AM club") with 20-20-20 minutes of glory:
      exercise, thinking (planning, journaling), learning 
    • commitment to fundamentals, daily improvements, consistency
    • "world class performance is less about complexity
      and more about optimizing simplicity"
    • 90-90-1 rule: for first 90 min of the day, for 90 days, do one most important thing
      (typically we get addicted to distractions and be average in many things
      instead of being great of one thing)
    • 60-10 method: science has shown that the best performers
      work in 60-minutes bursts, an  then have 10 minutes breaks
    • It takes 66 days to install new habits; have to stay with new habits long enough
    • "All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end"
    • Make sure you get enough sleep
  • Power of goals:
    • "Clarity breads mastery"
    • "Vague visions lead to vague executions"
    • World class performers have not gotten there by luck,
      they got there by strategy and execution. 
    • Great way to start is to get great clarity on what is important to you.
    • "Big 5 goals": for life, yearly 5, monthly 5, weekly 5, daily 5 goals
  • "Game-changers blueprint"
    • coming up even greater changes and challenges in the world
    • for leaders those will be exciting and inspiring times
    • best information from experiences of great leaders
  • One final message: 
    • less ego more service; humanity, decency, optimism 
    • everyone matters, there is a reason why you are in this world  
    • yes it is hard, if it was easy everyone would be world class
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Robin Sharma - YouTube

Robin S. Sharma (Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari) @ GoodReads
“When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.” - Ancient Sanskrit saying