Sunday, October 31, 2021

Azure AKS supports WebAssembly System Interface (WASI): WASM Edge

Public preview: AKS support for WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) workloads | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure

A WebAssembly (WASM) is a portable, open standard for a new binary format that is memory safe and runs at near-native performance. Different languages can be cross-compiled to WASM and interoperate using WASI, allowing you to run the same code across machines and shared modules across languages.

A Krustlet is a Kubernetes Kubelet that can run WASM using any web assembly runtime instead of containers. This AKS preview enables the easy addition of WASI nodepools using Krustlet to schedule WASI workloads to run on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

To learn more about Krustlet, click here or here.

WasmEdge Runtime
A cloud native WebAssembly runtime for edge computing

WasmEdge enables serverless functions to be embedded into any software platforms from cloud's edge to SaaS to automobiles!

Compute@Edge services | Fastly Developer Hub

Edge programming with Rust and WebAssembly | Fastly

wasm edge computing - Google Search

Friday, October 29, 2021

EV: Toyota bZ4X

 Toyota unveils its first all-electric car: the bZ4X, an electric SUV packed with cool features - Electrek

cruising range per charge: 500 km (310 miles) for the front-wheel drive version and 460 km (286 miles) for the all-wheel-drive version

EV: solid state batteries

 Hyundai, Kia Announce Solid State Battery With Factorial Energy

"Factorial’s advances are based on FEST (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology), which leverages a proprietary solid electrolyte material that enables safe and reliable cell performance with high-voltage and high-capacity electrodes and has been scaled in 40Ah cells that perform at room temperature.

FEST is safer than conventional lithium-ion technology, extends driving range by 20 to 50 percent, and is drop-in compatible for easy integration into existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing infrastructure."

Solid-state battery - Wikipedia
A solid-state battery is a battery technology that uses solid electrodes and a solid electrolyte, instead of the liquid or polymer gel electrolytes found in lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries

A sleek blue car

BMW and Ford are investing $130 million in Solid Power, a Colorado-based solid-state battery startup. Hyundai is putting $100 million into SolidEnergy Systems, a spin-off company from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Toyota, which has partnered with Panasonic, has announced that a prototype SUV featuring solid-state battery performance would debut this year. Also making investments are General Motors and Volkswagen.

Pipe Function in JavaScript (functional programming, like F#)

pipe = (...fns) => (x) => fns.reduce((v, f) => f(v), x);

pipe( getName, uppercase, get6Characters, reverse )(
  { name: 'Buckethead' }); // 'TEKCUB'

has same same effect as nested function calls, with many brackets

    name: 'Buckethead' })))); // 'TEKCUB'

Array.prototype.reduce() - JavaScript | MDN

How JavaScript rest parameters actually work | by Yazeed Bzadough | We’ve moved to | Medium

 Pipe Function in JavaScript. Hello, in this blog post I am going to… | by Neerthigan S | Medium

Unix: "A pipe is a form of redirection that is used to send the output of one program to another program for further processing."

(F#) Pipe Operator (|>) for JavaScript

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Facebook => Meta(verse)

 Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook is rebranding to Meta - The Verge

"...has been pouring billions of dollars — at least $10 billion this year alone — into building the metaverse, an expansive, immersive vision of the internet


Over the past few weeks, the company has been hit with a nonstop barrage of criticism... To the many critics, distancing the company brand and Zuckerberg from the name Facebook will be seen as an evasion tactic."

What is the metaverse, and do I have to care? - The Verge

Neal Stephenson famously coined the term “metaverse” in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, where it referred to a 3D virtual world inhabited by avatars of real people.

Metaverse Primer:

“The Metaverse is an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations that support continuity of identity, objects, history, payments, and entitlements, and can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users, each with an individual sense of presence.”

.NET Interactive Notebooks (VS Code + Jupyter)

.NET Interactive Notebooks - Visual Studio Marketplace

GitHub - dotnet/interactive: .NET Interactive takes the power of .NET and embeds it into your interactive experiences. Share code, explore data, write, and learn across your apps in ways you couldn't before.

Visual Studio Code April 2020

The VS Code team is working on native support for Notebooks. The most popular Notebooks in use these days are Jupyter Notebooks and while investigating them, we began looking at ways to build a Notebook solution that is unbiased and supports different styles of Notebooks.


 .NET Interactive Workbooks | Meetup

PhillyDotNet - YouTube

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tesla Dojo whitepaper

Tesla releases Dojo whitepaper, Elon Musk teases as 'more important than it may seem' - Electrek


Tesla Dojo Technology
A Guide to Tesla’s Configurable Floating Point Formats & Arithmetic

TSLA > $1T, Musk > $300B

Tesla hits $1 trillion market cap for the first time after Hertz says it will buy 100,000 electric vehicles

"Tesla hit a $1 trillion market cap on Monday following news that Hertz is ordering 100,000 vehicles to build out its electric vehicle rental fleet by the end of 2022.

The company joins trillion-dollar market cap companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft."

The deal with Hertz, which will bring in a reported $4.2 billion for Tesla, is the largest ever purchase of electric vehicles, Bloomberg previously reported.

MemGraph: graph DB startup

 memgraph/memgraph: Build modern, graph-based applications on top of your streaming data in minutes

"Memgraph is a streaming graph application platform that helps you wrangle your streaming data, build sophisticated models that you can query in real-time, and develop graph applications.

Memgraph directly connects to your streaming infrastructure. You can ingest data from sources like Kafka, SQL, or plain CSV files. Memgraph provides a standard interface to query your data with Cypher, a widely-used and declarative query language that is easy to write, understand and optimize for performance. This is achieved by using the property graph data model, which stores data in terms of objects, their attributes, and the relationships that connect them. This is a natural and effective way to model many real-world problems without relying on complex SQL schemas.

Memgraph is implemented in C/C++ and leverages an in-memory first architecture to ensure that you’re getting the best possible performance consistently and without surprises. It’s also ACID-compliant and highly available."

Graph database startup Memgraph lands $9.34M in seed funding - SiliconANGLE

Cypher (query language) - Wikipedia

Memgraph vs. Neo4j Comparison

Managed Graph Database Service Pricing | Neo4j Aura Pricing

cloud alternatives:

Fully Managed Graph Database - Amazon Neptune - Amazon Web Services

Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API | Microsoft Docs

free books:

Monday, October 25, 2021

Xpeng flying car

 Xpeng touts flying car that can also operate on roads

  • HT Aero, an affiliate of Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng, publicized a new flying car on Sunday that it says can also drive on roads. The company says it plans for a rollout in 2024.

HT Aero Xpeng new flying car

Xpeng launches Xpilot 3.5 semi-autonomous driving features

Sunday, October 24, 2021

code: Expressions vs. statements: F# vs C#

Expressions vs. statements | F# for fun and profit

"In programming language terminology, an “expression” is a combination of values and functions that are combined and interpreted by the compiler to create a new value, as opposed to a “statement” which is just a standalone unit of execution and doesn’t return anything. One way to think of this is that the purpose of an expression is to create a value (with some possible side-effects), while the sole purpose of a statement is to have side-effects.

C# and most imperative languages make a distinction between expressions and statements and have rules about where each kind can be used. But as should be apparent, a truly pure functional language cannot support statements at all, because in a truly pure language, there would be no side-effects.

Even though F# is not pure, it does follow the same principle. In F# everything is an expression. Not just values and functions, but also control flows (such as if-then-else and loops), pattern matching, and so on."

Saturday, October 23, 2021

"Symbolic" AI: Cyc

 Cyc - Wikipedia

Cyc (pronounced /ˈsaɪk/ SYKE) is a long-term artificial intelligence project that aims to assemble a comprehensive ontology and knowledge base that spans the basic concepts and rules about how the world works. Hoping to capture common sense knowledge, Cyc focuses on implicit knowledge that other AI platforms may take for granted. This is contrasted with facts one might find somewhere on the internet or retrieve via a search engine or Wikipedia. Cyc enables semantic reasoners to perform human-like reasoning and be less "brittle" when confronted with novel situations.

Douglas Lenat began the project in July 1984 at MCC, where he was Principal Scientist 1984–1994, and then, since January 1995, has been under active development by the Cycorp company, where he is the CEO.

Douglas’s Twitter:
Cyc’s Website:

React Material-UI Input Mask

applying a mask / template on input fields with React & Material UI

react-input-mask - npm

sanniassin/react-input-mask: Input masking component for React. Made with attention to UX.

reactjs - How Can I Mask My Material-UI TextField? - Stack Overflow

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro & Max

Apple unveils game-changing 

Everything Apple revealed at its October event

Apple launches MacBook Pro with new chips, larger displays, and the notch

"The M1 Pro has either six or eight high-performance cores and two efficiency cores, giving it 70 percent better performance compared to last year's M1. It also has a 14-core or 16-core GPU, which Apple claims gives it two times better graphics performance compared to the M1.

Then there's the M1 Max, which has more memory bandwidth, and 32 GPU cores, giving it 4x better graphics performance than the M1. It supports a maximum of 64GB of RAM memory.

The new displays have very narrow bezels, but there's an iPhone-like notch on top, hosting the FaceTime camera.
The new MacBook Pro laptops have an iPhone-like notch on top, which hosts the new 1080p FaceTime camera. This is because the bezels on the displays have shrunk to just 3.5mm, which means that those display sizes were made possible in nearly the same-sized enclosure as on the previous models.

As for battery life, Apple claims the smaller model can handle up to 17 hours of video playback and up to 11 hours of wireless web browsing. The larger model can do up to 21 hours of video playback, and up to 14 hours of wireless web browsing.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,999, though the price goes up to $2,899 when configured with the M1 Max chip and 32GB of RAM. The larger, 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,499 when configured with the M1 Pro chip, and it starts at a whopping $3,499 when configured with the M1 Max chip."

Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max performance claims.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Microsoft "passwordless" future?

The passwordless future is here for your Microsoft account | Microsoft Security Blog

"In March 2021, (Microsoft) announced that passwordless sign in was generally available for commercial users, bringing the feature to enterprise organizations around the world. can now completely remove the password from your Microsoft account. Use the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or a verification code sent to your phone or email to sign in to your favorite apps and services, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Family Safety, and more."

Microsoft Authenticator screen showing password has been successfully removed.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Pluralsight += A Cloud Guru

Pluralsight + A Cloud Guru

Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru have joined forces to give you the expertise and hands-on experiences you need to thrive in a cloud-driven world.

Nothing is immediately changing at the time of this announcement and you will continue to get the same great skill development, service and support from both companies.

(=> no benefit for users)

Episode #114: Serverless for Salary Transparency with Kesha Williams - Serverless Chats Podcast

sidenote: the content on Plurasight is getting "stale", in particular compared to Udemy. 
instead on focus on sales and business mergers, would help to re-focus on content!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

AWS JavaScript SDK "on diet"

 How we halved the publish size of modular AWS SDK for JavaScript clients | AWS Developer Tools Blog

 reduced the publish size of v3 modular packages by ~50% in v3.36.1 as compared to that in v3.33.0!. As an effect, the install size for each client is also reduced by ~40%.

Joke on how node_modules is heavier than black hole, shown with space-time curvature diagram

Friday, October 15, 2021

JS "AI" :) Training the car to do self-parking using a genetic algorithm

 GitHub - trekhleb/self-parking-car-evolution: 🧬 Training the car to do self-parking using a genetic algorithm

Self-Parking Car Evolution

This is an experimental project with the aim to learn the basics of how genetic algorithm works by teaching the cars to do the self-parking. The evolution process is happening directly in the browser. You may check the evolution source-code (in TypeScript) or read the explanation of how it works

The project is a React application written on TypeScript. Styled with BaseWeb.

The 3D world simulation is made with Three.js library using @react-three/fiber wrapper. The physics is simulated with Cannon.js using cannon-es wrapper.

The whole evolution simulation is happening directly in the browser.

Self-Parking Car Evolution

Monday, October 11, 2021

Cloud-native DB: Fauna vs Spanner

Fauna is rethinking the database with Evan Weaver, Co-founder and CTO at Fauna (The Changelog #461) |> Changelog podcast

Fauna | The data API for modern applications : db as cloud api service, not open source

Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database delivered as a secure and scalable cloud API with native GraphQL. Never again worry about database provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, or correctness.

Cloud native, chaos-tolerant FaunaDB adds support for SQL, GraphQL, and CQL | ZDNet


"FaunaDB does let users define and install their own schemas via GraphQL in the database. You don't have to know anything about FQL to use GraphQL.

...short list of databases FaunaDB has just made? Some other entries in that list are Azure CosmosDB, Google Spanner, and a number of Spanner clones. Spanner the database is based on Spanner the protocol, while FaunaDB is based on a different protocol called Calvin. The aim of both Spanner and Calvin is to deliver external consistency, low latency global replication, and high availability.

As opposed to Spanner, there is just one implementation for Calvin: FaunaDB. So, the properties of Calvin are central as to what differentiates FaunaDB from other options, such as CockroachDB, for example."

Fauna vs. Google Cloud Spanner Comparison

Sunday, October 10, 2021

F# => JavaScript, React

F# and JavaScript with Zaid Ajaj @ .NET Rocks! vNext

A fresh retake of the React API in Fable, optimized for happiness.

module App

open Feliz

let Counter() =
    let (count, setCount) = React.useState(0)
    Html.div [
        Html.button [
   [ style.marginRight 5 ]
            prop.onClick (fun _ -> setCount(count + 1))
            prop.text "Increment"

        Html.button [
   [ style.marginLeft 5 ]
            prop.onClick (fun _ -> setCount(count - 1))
            prop.text "Decrement"

        Html.h1 count

open Browser.Dom

ReactDOM.render(Counter(), document.getElementById "root")

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Google (programming) Style Guides

Google Style Guides | styleguide

"Every major open-source project has its own style guide: a set of conventions (sometimes arbitrary) about how to write code for that project. It is much easier to understand a large codebase when all the code in it is in a consistent style.

“Style” covers a lot of ground, from “use camelCase for variable names” to “never use global variables” to “never use exceptions.” This project (google/styleguide) links to the style guidelines we use for Google code. If you are modifying a project that originated at Google, you may be pointed to this page to see the style guides that apply to that project.

C++ Style Guide, C# Style Guide, Swift Style Guide, Objective-C Style Guide, Java Style Guide, Python Style Guide, R Style Guide, Shell Style Guide, HTML/CSS Style Guide, JavaScript Style Guide, TypeScript Style Guide, AngularJS Style Guide, Common Lisp Style Guide, and Vimscript Style Guide

Google JavaScript Style Guide

File names must be all lowercase and may include underscores (_) or dashes (-), but no additional punctuation. Follow the convention that your project uses. Filenames’ extension must be .js.

Google JavaScript Style Guide

Class, interface, record, and typedef names are written in UpperCamelCase

Name Casing Conventions, The Quick Comparison

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Windows 11 released

Microsoft releases Windows 11 a day early - The Verge

 Windows 11 seems okay - The Verge

"But nothing feels much better, either, so I don’t see any reason to upgrade"

How to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free - The Verge

Microsoft Windows 11 compatible laptops, computers - From Dell, HP, Asus to Samsung, check full list | HT Tech

Windows 11 Specs and System Requirements | Microsoft

System firmwareUEFI, Secure Boot capable. Check here for information on how your PC might be able to meet this requirement.
TPMTrusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. Check here for instructions on how your PC might be enabled to meet this requirement.
Graphics cardCompatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.

Saturday, October 02, 2021

AWS ALB with HTTP/2 and gRPC

New – Application Load Balancer Support for End-to-End HTTP/2 and gRPC | AWS News Blog

Thanks to its efficiency and support for numerous programming languages, gRPC is a popular choice for microservice integrations and client-server communications. gRPC is a high performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework using HTTP/2 for transport and Protocol Buffers to describe the interface.

To make it easier to use gRPC with your applications, Application Load Balancer (ALB) now supports HTTP/2 end-to-end, enabling you to publish gRPC services alongside non-gRPC services via a single load balancer.

Friday, October 01, 2021

Running React Native everywhere (including web)

Flutter competition... 

Running React Native everywhere ·

How to run a React Native app on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, the web, a browser extension, and Electron.
All while sharing a single React Native codebase.

The complete project is available on GitHub: React Native Universal Monorepo.

Running React NativeRunning React Native everywhere · everywhere ·