Saturday, January 02, 2016

free course & textbook: Statistical Learning @ Stanford Online

With most MOOCs going commercial (not-free to stay in business)
some established universities still have very interesting (and free) classes.
Stanford Online

class: Statistical Learning | Stanford Online

In this Stanford class even a textbook is available online!
May be a good way to help learn newly popular language "R"
The "catch": "By registering as an online learner, you are also participating in research..."
That is, helping science by statistical analysis of your learning data, like Google and Facebook do, but for learning.

Statistical Learning
Statistical Learning | Stanford Lagunita

textbook: Introduction to Statistical Learning

Microsoft last year acquired the company that specializes in R, and integrated it in Azure:
Revolutions Analytics
Running R in the Azure ML cloud
Quickstart tutorial for R language for Machine Learning | Microsoft Azure