Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Faraday car company, Apple vs Tesla?

Faraday Future
to be announced at: CES 2016 January 6-9

Is Faraday Future A Front For Apple? - Gas 2
"Suddenly, wealthy people are not investing in wineries anymore. Nope, if you have tons of cash sloshing around in your bank account, the plan du jour is to hire a bunch of people with great resumes from Tesla and start your own electric car company selling ultra-expensive electric automobiles to other wealthy people."
Faraday Future

Conspiracy theorists think Apple owns this mysteryious car company | Cult of Mac
"A new electric car company has revved up Apple Car conspiracy theorists who think the mysterious automaker may actually be a shell company for Apple’s automotive ambitions.

Faraday Future has already pulled in $1 billion in investments and is stocking up on top Tesla talent (just like Apple), but little else is known about the new company that currently boasts over 400 employees with plans to add 100 more of the best automotive engineers and designers in the world before the end of the year."

Programmers or Engineers?

Why Computer Programmers Should Stop Calling Themselves Engineers - The Atlantic

"In the Silicon Valley technology scene, it’s common to use the bare term “engineer” to describe technical workers. Somehow, everybody who isn’t in sales, marketing, or design became an engineer."

Bad Code, Craftsmanship, Engineering, and Certification @ InfoQ
by Robert Martin

What are software developers, "programmers" or "engineers"?
Neither, they are "creators" :)