Saturday, May 25, 2013

Apple's tax numbers

Apple's tax testimony ahead of Senate hearing: By the numbers | ZDNet:

Around $6 billion paid in taxes to the U.S. Treasury in the 2012 fiscal year — around $16 million per day — which according to Apple accounts for $1 in every $40 in corporate tax the U.S. collected in 2012

Out of its estimated $145 billion overseas cash pile, Apple would see a 35 percent reduction after paying tax on its repatriation

Apple paid or collected and remitted more than $1.3 billion of U.S. state sales and use taxes

More than $9 billion paid out to third-party developers in connection with app sales

On the other side, if Apple was treated as a person,
it would need to pay the tax for all the money abroad also.

Corporations as using some legal rights as people when convenient,
and when it comes to tax they are treated differently.

Or maybe on this level of income person would form a corporation,
so he or she can get benefit from such status.
So it is recursive: a lot of money means even more money. :)