Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Microsoft DS certification & ML algorithms

View a PDF of a sample edX certificate

"Microsoft consulted data scientists and the companies that employ them to identify the core skills they need to be successful. This informed the curriculum used to teach key functional and technical skills, combining highly rated online courses with hands-on labs, concluding in a final capstone project."

Data with a nonlinear trend

Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet | Microsoft Docs

Infographic: Machine learning basics - algorithm examples | Microsoft Docs

Download: Infographic of machine learning basics with links to algorithm examples (PDF)
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quote: Make It Work; Make It Right; Make It Fast

Make It Work Make It Right Make It Fast @wiki.c2
"This formulation of this statement has been attributed to KentBeck;
it has existed as part of the UnixWay for a long time."

Make It Work Make It Small Make It Fast @wiki.c2
"A time tested optimization pattern.

(Make It Small is basically a subset of Make It Right.)"

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