Thursday, October 06, 2022

re-constructing React, with Parcel.js

very good and useful!

Deconstructing React || Tejas Kumar - YouTube

Tejas learns by taking things apart and putting them back together.

Let’s do this with React in order to get a deeper understanding of: 

• The Virtual DOM 

• Hooks, and 

• Suspense for data fetching

AlexZ005/DecontructingReact: Code from YouTube video "Deconstructing React || Tejas Kumar"

This is the code from "Deconstructing React || Tejas Kumar" video

Parcel.js with React (JSX)

Parcel supports JSX automatically when it detects you are using React. If you’re using React 17 or later, it also automatically enables the modern JSX transform, which means you don't even need to import React for JSX to work

How to Set Up a React App with Parcel

TejasQ (Tejas Kumar) @GitHub