Monday, December 29, 2014

lists: Essential Computer Programming Books

Six Essential Language Agnostic Programming Books - Scott Hanselman

Essential Language Agnostic Computer Programming Books @ Amazon by Hanselman Building A Solid Programming Core

OmniSharp - Cross platform .NET development

OmniSharp - Cross platform .NET development by OmniSharp
"You can use your editor PLUS get to use great features like Intellisense (not just Autocomplete), Add Reference, Format Document, and lots more. Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere (and to Azure!)"

"We now have plugins for these editors:
  • Sublime
  • Brackets from Adobe
  • Atom from GitHub
  • Emacs
  • Vim"
It is time to make programming languages, and documents, extensible and "semantic"...
Something like Lisp, with "more normal" syntax.

IoT: free Windows is like DOS

Microsoft’s IoT Developer Program Puts Windows on Little Boards | MAKE

"Since the Intel Galileo doesn’t support a display and has only 256 MB of RAM, it’s probably not surprising that you’re working with a stripped-down version of Windows on it as well. It’s clear that it’s an embedded version of Windows, but this one, like the version of Windows for small tablets, is free (as in beer).
So what does Windows look like without a user interface? It looks a lot like DOS, a throwback to the early days of PCs (though it’s not DOS; instead of COMMAND.COM, your command prompt is CMD.EXE).
...Microsoft has ported the Arduino/Wiring libraries to their Windows for the Internet of Things, so you’ll be using Visual C++ to write code against the Arduino API. It looks a lot like Arduino source..."

It would be much more effective to put node.js as a default tool with packages for integration with Windows and Azure... 

Skype (voice) Translator: speech to text, translation, text to speech

Skype Translator – How it Works – - Skype Blogs
"...first phase of the Skype Translator preview program which will kick-off with English and Spanish as the first two languages...

Skype Translator is the result of decades of research in speech recognition, automated translation, and general machine learning technologies, combined with an intense focus on the user experience. This next phase in the Skype Translator journey is an exciting milestone and we’re looking forward to sharing it with those who use Windows 8.1 and have signed-up for the Spanish language via the Skype Translator sign-up page."


Windows installer based on C#

Using C# and Wix# to Build Windows Installer Packages
"Wix# (WixSharp) is a deployment authoring framework targeting Windows Installer (MSI). Wix# allows building complete MSI setups from a deployment specification expressed with C# syntax. The typical Wix# source file for building MSI contains plain-vanilla C# code, which uses a C# class structure to define (mimic) WiX entities."

(Convenient, but possibly inefficient...)