Saturday, June 04, 2022

Windows 11 update KB5013943 trouble for Docker, PowerShell

Just installed Windows update has caused Docker to stop working, as well as PowerShell, 
and possibly some other tools.

Here is the "solution": uninstall Windows update.
Uninstalling requires uninstall some subsequent updates too to get to "problematic one",
and rebooting a few times in the process. 

This "solved" the problem. Hopefully Microsoft Windows updates team will observe and fix this soon.

How To Uninstall KB5013943 Update On Windows 11, Stop Installation Of KB5013943 Update on Windows 11 - YouTube

How to Uninstall KB5013943 from Windows 11

Terraform cert

I just passed HarshiCorp Terraform certification. A good tool.

Used Udemy and Pluralsight for preparation.