Thursday, February 09, 2017

WebVR with A-frame & Chrome

Google wants to use Chrome to suck you into virtual reality - CNET
latest version of the Chrome browser includes a technology called WebVR

"WebVR without anything to look at isn't any fun, so here are some sites Google promoted for the technology: Bear 71, an interactive nature documentary; Matterport, a library of more than 300,000 celebrity homes and other sites; Within, a collection of VR movies; WebVR Lab, a collection of interactive VR worlds, and Sketchfab, an assortment of VR scenes."
WebVR - Bringing Virtual Reality to the Web

A-Frame – Make WebVR

Mozilla Launches A-Frame WebVR Framework To Help The Creations Of VR Websites | Eyerys

Getting Started – A-Frame

Azure Managed Disks Storage

Pricing - Managed Disks | Microsoft Azure

"Azure Managed Disks are the new and recommended disk storage offerings for use with Azure Virtual Machines for persistent storage of data. You can use multiple Managed Disks with each Virtual Machine. Managed Disks offer two types of durable storage options: Premium and Standard Managed Disks. 

If you are interested in pricing details for Unmanaged Disks, please see the Unmanaged Disks & Page blobs pricing page."

Announcing general availability of Managed Disks and larger Scale Sets | Blog | Microsoft Azure
"With this PaaS-like support, you no longer need to be concerned with the complexity of storage management nor worry about storage as you scale. Yet, you still have the full power and control you expect and love with Azure VMs – a "PaaS bridge" on our IaaS VMs.
In addition to the new Managed Disk resource, we also have added Snapshots and Images as Azure Resource Managed resources."

Microsoft Azure Create virtual machine

Azure Premium and Standard Managed Disks Overview | Microsoft Docs

Azure CLI: Managed Disks | Blog | Microsoft Azure

.NET: Manage Azure Managed Disks | Blog | Microsoft Azure

cloud: Azure IP Advantage

Azure IP Advantage – intellectual property protection | Microsoft Azure
" Azure IP Advantage provides the industry’s most comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks."