Sunday, November 08, 2015

cloud data: Ingress vs Egress price

Azure network traffic is paid only when leaving the Azure network (egress),
and network traffic to Azure (ingress) is free.

Traffic between Azure data centers is free between data centers in the same region ("Local Redundant"), and it is paid for transfer between data centers in different regions ("Geo Redundant")

define:ingress - Google Search  a place or means of access; an entrance.
define:egress - Google Search the action of going out of or leaving a place.

What is Ingress Traffic? Webopedia
Network traffic that originates from outside of the networks routers and
proceeds toward a destination inside of the network.

What is Egress Traffic? Webopedia
Network traffic that begins inside of a network and proceeds through its routers
to a destination somewhere outside of the network

In simpler terms, upload to Azure is free, download from Azure is paid (but relatively not expensive). The lowest price $0.07 per GB for monthly traffic above 100 TB.
So what would be a price of YouTube like service traffic over Azure?

480p : 5.50 MB / minute
720p : 8.57 MB / minute
1080p 15.96 MB / minute (that is almost 1GB / hour)

New Google service YouTube "Red" consts 10/month for unlimited add-free videos (and music).
Apparently Google keeps about 40+% of the revenue, and remaining is shared with content creators.
With Azure prices that is $4/month for traffic, for total of 57 GB.
So in average users need to watch less than 2 hours/day for service to be profitable...
Most likely Google's (or Netflix) internal cost is much lower...