Saturday, January 25, 2020

Cruise self-driving

GM’s Cruise to unveil first car built to operate with no driver

"Cruise has raised $7.25 billion from investors including Honda Motor Co., Japan’s SoftBank Vision Fund and T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. Those investments have given Cruise a value of $19 billion, GM has said."

Deno (.js) in Rust

dotJS 2019 - Bert Belder - Deno @YouTube



What is Rust and why is it so popular? - Stack Overflow Blog

"Rust has been Stack Overflow’s most loved language for four years in a row, indicating that many of those who have had the opportunity to use Rust have fallen in love with it. However, the roughly 97% of survey respondents who haven’t used Rust may wonder, “What’s the deal with Rust?”

Material Design Web UI Frameworks

how reliable are lists like this?

20 Best Material Design Web UI Frameworks for Websites & Applications - Super Dev Resources
material design web ui frameworks

Why is Material-UI for React so popular download?
@material-ui/core - npm
430K downloads/week

vs. #1
mdbootstrap - npm
5K /week

vs. #2
0.06 /week (!)

energy efficiency: Manitoba Hydro Building

Manitoba Hydro Place received LEED Platinum certification in May 2012, making it the most energy efficient office tower in North America

The building's bioclimatic, energy-efficient design features a 377 ft (115 m) tall solar chimney, a geo-thermal HVAC system using 280 five-inch tubes bored 380 feet into an underground aquifer,[10] 100% fresh air (24 hours a day, year round, regardless of outside temperature)[8] and a one-meter-wide double exterior wall with computer-controlled motorized vents that adjust the building's exterior skin throughout the day and evening. Together, the various elements of the design enable a 70% energy savings over a typical large office tower.

"one of "the most energy-efficient office towers in the world"