Friday, April 12, 2013

Chrome for iOS: full screen, AirPrint/Cloud Print, save PDF to Google Drive

Chrome for iOS gets updated scroll, AirPrint/Cloud Print and save PDF to Google Drive options | 9to5Mac

Amazing National Parks app @ Windows Store

Amazing National Parks app for Windows in the Windows Store

Letters, E-Mail, Texts, WhatsApp

podcast: Letters, E-Mail, Texts — What’s Next? | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Facebook is "old fashion" for "under 15 crowd"
Investors are concerned (and they should be :)

Custom apps, like WhatsApp for quick instant messaging are in,
since they work with WiFi only (no data plan required on phones)
could send instant photos, and messages could "expire" quickly.
The electronic communication is becoming extension of voice,
just with no distance and place limitation.

And in all this (r)evolution, nobody managed to make email secure.
Nobody even tried to attach simple digital signature to every email!
The technology (i.e. PGP) exists for more than 20 years,
and there is a need, and no even one major email system even tried.
Maybe BlackBerry did make email secure?

And to mix messaging, email, and document management?
Again, not even attempted.
How strange... or a conspiracy?