Sunday, June 14, 2015

ML: Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning for Software Engineers | Cloud and Enterprise Premium | Channel 9

"...end-to-end example that he builds during the session and that encompasses:
  • Problem detection
  • Algorithm selection
  • Machine learning model creation and deployment as a RESTful web service
  • Consumption of the machine learning model

The session is intended for engineers ... so he does not delve into a deep understanding of complex mathematical models behind machine learning, but instead focuses on the concepts of machine learning to demystify cloud machine learning."

Bing Solutions (APIs), Microsoft Project Oxford AI API, OCR (!)

Bing Solutions helps businesses and developers succeed

Bing Developer Center (APIs)

Cortana intergration

Microsoft Project Oxford Computer Vision APIs

including OCR, thumbnail creation, analyzing image, etc.

Microsoft Project Oxford Speech2Text Demo

Microsoft Project Oxford Text2Speech Demo

Stop Windows 8.1 waking up from sleep

Windows 8.1 computer wakes up from sleep. How to stop it. | AI