Saturday, June 09, 2018

gadget: Amazon Fire 4K TV Cube with Alexa

Voice interface is nothing new for TVs, it is even included with every Comcast remote control.
Amazon keep extending they home system with more gadgets and cloud services...

Amazon Fire TV Cube | Hands-free with Alexa | Streaming Media Player

Buy Apple TV 4K - Apple

Designing robust and predictable APIs

Very interesting and useful observation:

Designing robust and predictable APIs with idempotency
by Brandur Leach from Stripe engineering

"Idempotent API: means that they can be called any number of times while guaranteeing that side effects only occur once."

"a few core principles to follow while designing your clients and APIs:
  • Make sure that failures are handled consistently.
    Have clients retry operations against remote services.
    Not doing so could leave data in an inconsistent state that will lead to problems down the road.
  • Make sure that failures are handled safely.
    Use idempotency and idempotency keys to allow clients to pass a unique value and retry requests as needed.
  • Make sure that failures are handled responsibly.
    Use techniques like exponential backoff and random jitter.
    Be considerate of servers that may be stuck in a degraded state."

CSI: Container Storage Interface

Container Storage with Jie Yu - Software Engineering Daily

"Kubernetes is not the only container orchestrator. There’s also Cloud Foundry, Mesos, Docker Swarm, and several others. Each of these container orchestrators needs to be able to run a variety of persistent workloads (such as a MySQL database or a Kafka cluster). Each of these persistent workloads needs to be able to use different types of backing storage.

With the range of container orchestrators and the range of backing storage types, a problem arises. Every storage type would have to write custom code to connect to each container orchestrator.

The solution to this is the CSI: the container storage interface."

CSI Logo

Container Orchestrators (CO)

Future of Computing: specialized processors

podcast interview with chairman of Alphabet, how was also president of Stanfrord, recived Turing award for RISC architecture etc.

The future of computing: a conversation with John Hennessy (Google I/O '18) - YouTube

 Future of Computing with John Hennessy - Software Engineering Daily