Sunday, December 16, 2018

Redux DevTools

Redux DevTools - Chrome Web Store

zalmoxisus/redux-devtools-extension: Redux DevTools extension @GitHub


Also available for Firefox and other browsers.
It can be used with React/Redux, as well as other compatible libraries.

With Angular NgRx need also to npm install @ngrx/store-devtools
and then to initialize @ngrx/store-devtools module

JavaScript Trends

effective visualization

JavaScript and Web Development InfoQ Trends Report

One statement from the report may be worth an investigation:

"React has emerged as the most widely adopted framework since jQuery, and continues to evolve; new projects get announced almost daily with support for React."

SQL with NoSQL and K8S

KubeCon 2018: The Return of SQL @InfoQ

"CouchBase offers N1QL (pronounced “nickel”). This is an extension to ANSI SQL with support for JSON constructs. It offers JDBC and ODBC drivers in addition to custom clients for specific platforms.

YugaByte describes itself as a “Transactional NoSQL” database that offers “Planet Scale SQL”. It uses the PostgreSQL wire format along with its propriety SQL extension, YSQL. This means you can leverage existing PostgresSQL drivers in your language of choice.

CockroachDB was the third vendor we interviewed for this article. They went both the PostgreSQL wire format and SQL dialect. They choose the PostgreSQL wire format not only because it is open sourced with a compatible license, but also because it was very well documented. In order to ensure as much compatibility as possible, they even use a PostgreSQL’s syntax parser, with extensions where necessary.

MongoDB renewed their SQL offering with a new ODBC driver. This if a commercial extension meant to allow the use of “MongoDB as a data source for Tableau, Excel, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI, [and] Qlik”.

"running Postgres is roughly a tenth the cost of running Oracle in the same cloud."