Sunday, September 30, 2018

IoT: Azure Digital Twins

Announcing Azure Digital Twins: Create digital replicas of spaces and infrastructure using cloud, AI and IoT - Internet of Things

Azure Digital Twins | Microsoft Azure

"Build next-generation IoT (Internet of Things) spatial intelligence solutions using Azure Digital Twins to model the relationships and interactions among people, places, and devices. Use predefined and extensible twin object models to build virtual representations of the physical world and contextually aware solutions specific to your industry."

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Software Engineering Daily

informative and useful daily podcast, now enhanced with articles

All Content Archives - Software Engineering Daily

Container Storage Interface and Its Relationship to the CNCF Cloud Native Landscape - Software Engineering Daily

WebAssembly and the Future of Browser Languages - Software Engineering Daily

Tim O'Reilly on the Future - Software Engineering Daily

Edge Computing and the Future of the Cloud - Software Engineering Daily

Solid: new web startup by Tim Berners-Lee

The Inventor of the World Wide Web Plans to Start a New Internet to Take on Google and Facebook

"Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, is launching a startup that seeks to rival Facebook, Amazon and Google.

The technology legend’s latest project, Inrupt, is a company that builds off of Berners-Lee’s open source platform Solid. Solid allows users to choose where their data is stored and what people are allowed to have access to what information.

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, Berners-Lee joked that the intent behind Inrupt is “world domination."

One Small Step for the Web… – Tim Berners-Lee – Medium

"Solid changes the current model where users have to hand over personal data to digital giants in exchange for perceived value. As we’ve all discovered, this hasn’t been in our best interests. Solid is how we evolve the web in order to restore balance — by giving every one of us complete control over data, personal or not, in a revolutionary way."
Solid LogoSolid · GitHub

"Re-decentralizing the web"

GitHub - solid/solid: Solid - Re-decentralizing the web (project directory)

"Solid (derived from "social linked data") is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized Web applications based on Linked Data principles. Solid is modular and extensible. It relies as much as possible on existing W3C standards and protocols."

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the WWW

"The difference here is that, on Solid, all the information is under his control. Every bit of data he creates or adds on Solid exists within a Solid pod–which is an acronym for personal online data store. These pods are what give Solid users control over their applications and information on the web. Anyone using the platform will get a Solid identity and Solid pod. This is how people, Berners-Lee says, will take back the power of the web from corporations."

cloud HW: Azure Data Box Edge

not quite as rugged as Amazon Snowball   Edge, but very interesting device anyway

Microsoft Azure Data Box Edge: A.I. hardware for cloud customers

Introducing Azure Data Box Edge | Azure Friday - YouTube

Online Data Transfer - Azure Data Box | Microsoft Azure

What Is an AWS Snowball Edge? - AWS Snowball

Tesla’s Powerpack in Australia: great business

Tesla’s massive Powerpack battery in Australia cost $66 million and already made up to ~$17 million | Electrek (in 6 months only!)

Friday, September 28, 2018

ChromeOS + Android

informative podcast interview
Android on Chrome with Shahid Hussain and Stefan Kuhne - Software Engineering Daily

Apparently there is no plan to "merge" ChromeOS and Android, but to just add Android's 2M+ apps to Chormebooks and make them more usable.

internet split? (ch-exit)

Eric Schmidt, ex-Google CEO, predicts internet bifurcation with China

"...former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that the internet will bifurcate into Chinese-led and US-led versions within the next decade..."

"I think the most likely scenario now is not a splintering, but rather a bifurcation into a Chinese-led internet and a non-Chinese internet led by America," he said.

big words, what is the meaning, and what is the difference?

"the division of something into two branches or parts."

"break or cause to break into small sharp fragments"

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cloud Serverless performances compared

The largest benchmark of Serverless providers. – elbstack – Medium

"The configurable parameter for all Serverless functions is the memory size. At AWS the CPU is doubled, when the memory is doubled. At Google this is also the case but only for 128 to 512 MB of memory, for 1GB and 2GB you get a little less additional CPU, actually they provide you with concrete numbers for the CPU power. Respective to following memory size 128,256,512,1024,2048 you get 200, 400, 800, 1400 and 2400 MHz. IBM lets you choose between three memory sizes from 128 to 512MB, but the CPU is fixed. Azure will automatically determine the memory need of the function, but assigns all functions the same computational power."

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

cloud: Azure Immutable Storage

Microsoft Announces the General Availability of the Immutable Storage Functionality in Azure Storage

"With the immutable storage, feature blobs will be non-erasable and non-modifiable for a specific retention interval. Now Microsoft announced that this new feature is generally available in all public Azure regions after its preview since June of this year."

Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM)

Technically AWS S3 with versioning enabled also keeps previous versions of data, but semantically this is still different behavior.

Microsoft Azure gains Availability Zones and Immutable Blobs • The Register

Saturday, September 22, 2018

cloud: AWS S3 Select: many data formats

Amazon S3 Announces New Features for S3 Select

"Amazon S3 Select works on objects stored in CSV and JSON format... (now it also added) support for Apache Parquet format, JSON Arrays, and BZIP2 compression for CSV and JSON objects... 

no XML :)
but why not Google's Protocol Buffers?

Selecting Content from Objects - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Google AI: Public Datasets, Search, TPU v3

a very informative interview with current lead of Google AI research

Google AI with Jeff Dean | Google Cloud Platform Podcast


  • Google Dataset Search is in beta site
  • Expanding our Public Datasets for geospatial and ML-based analytics blog
    • Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA) site
  • Google AI and Kaggle Inclusive Images Challenge site
  • We are rated in the top 100 technology podcasts on iTunes site
  • What makes TPUs fine-tuned for deep learning? blog

Friday, September 21, 2018

Amazon’s 11+ new Echo products

Amazon Echo Speakers 2018 hands-on - YouTube

Amazon is about to announce new hardware at a surprise event - The Verge

Amazon's 11 new Echo products from its big event - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis

Amazon’s surprise hardware event: the 14 biggest announcements - The Verge
"In many ways, the sprawling event was a showcase of how far Alexa has come in the four years since Amazon’s voice assistant was first introduced in 2014. The technology has evolved far beyond its early capabilities on the original Echo speaker."

Amazon’s Echo Auto is another quick fix for the broken state of in-car infotainment - The Verge

Amazon Echo September 2018 event: All announcements, highlights - Business Insider

Here's what was missing from Amazon's crazy event this week - CNET

The Alexa Connect Kit only got a quick mention during this week's Amazon event -- but in the end, it might be the most important thing to come out of it.

cloud CI/CD: Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Azure

CI/CD index to content for Azure Pipelines and Team Foundation Server - Azure Pipelines and TFS | Microsoft Docs

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services

Note: AWS has a service with similar name, while very different purpose

AWS | Amazon Data Pipeline - Data Workflow Orchestration Service

Azure Machine Learning vs AWS Data Pipeline 2018 Comparison of Machine Learning as a Service | StackShare

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rebooting airplane every 248 days

Reboot Your Dreamliner Every 248 Days To Avoid Integer Overflow

"...all Boeing 787 Dreamliners have to be switched off every 248 days. If they are not reset then the generator control units GCUs will go into failsafe mode and the plane will lose all electrical power.
Why exactly?
To quote the FAA directive:
This condition is caused by a software counter internal to the GCUs that will overflow after 248 days of continuous power. We are issuing this AD to prevent loss of all AC electrical power, which could result in loss of control of the airplane..."

"Cloud Printing" on paper and displays

Daily Overview
is a site that is sending selected amazing satellite or aerial views daily by email, and publishing on Instagram and on web.

They also offer prints of those nice images, on paper and on "digital displays",
in collaboration with Cloud Printing NYC

That is an interesting thing, the cost of high resolution 4K TVs is now lower than cost of comparable good quality prints of pictures!
And those TV's are quite thin, and often come with smart voice agent...

ALL PRINTS — Daily Overview


Digital Display | Cloud Printing NYC

Product | Cloud Printing NYC Toshiba 43LF621U19 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR - Fire TV Edition: Electronics
43": $299
50": $350
55": $400

there is even a book... Overview: A New Perspective of Earth (9780399578656): Benjamin Grant: Books

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Vue.js ecosystem

main library

vue-cli: scafolding and build

nuxt: universal rendering

vuex: state management (like flux or redux)

vuetify: component framework

example app:

Vue Big Picture - TodoMVC

GitHub - danielstern/vue-todomvc: A TodoMVC Application Built With Vue


Vue.js: Big Picture | Pluralsight

Vue.js: Getting Started | Pluralsight

Vue.js Fundamentals | Pluralsight

C# span vs. GoLang slice

Span in .NET, C# and other languages | Tudor Turcu – blog


var arr = new byte[10];
var slice = new Span(arr, 5, 2);

var arr [10]int
var slice = arr[5:7]

"In both languages, a span(C#) or a slice (Go) represent a similar concept:
  • C#: ‘Span is a value type containing a ref and a length‘ , ‘represent contiguous regions of arbitrary memory‘
  • Go: ‘Slice is a descriptor for a contiguous segment of an underlying array and provides access to a numbered sequence of elements from that array‘"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

.NET Conf 2018, live

Azure DevOps for .NET Teams
.NET Conf 2018
September 12 — 14, 2018

.NET Conf 2018 | Channel 9

Keynote | .NET Conf 2018 | Channel 9

Channel 9: Videos for developers from the people building Microsoft Products & Services

GoLang versioning: vgo vs. dep

Opening keynote: Go with Versions - GopherConSG 2018 - YouTube
by Russ Cox

The principles of versioning in Go 1.11 (vgo):
  1. Compatibility
  2. Repeat-ability (no automatic upgrades!)
  3. Cooperation (between authors of packages)
Russ Cox blog

A Proposal for Package Versioning in Go - The Go Blog

GitHub - golang/vgo: [mirror] Versioned Go Prototype
"This repository holds a standalone implementation of a version-aware go command, allowing users with a Go 1.10 toolchain to use the new Go 1.11 module support."

"dep is a dependency management tool for Go. It requires Go 1.9 or newer to compile."

Monday, September 10, 2018

open source: Posh Git, Up For Grabs

podcast interview:
All Things Git: Posh Git with Keith Dahlby

"... a nine-time C# MVP ... His open source efforts include posh-git, a git environment for PowerShell, Griddle, a grid component for React, and, a site featuring open source projects looking to mentor new contributors. He was also a core contributor to LibGit2Sharp."

"posh-git is a PowerShell module that integrates Git and PowerShell by providing Git status summary information that can be displayed in the PowerShell prompt...
posh-git also provides tab completion support for common git commands, branch names, paths and more."

Up For Grabs

"This is a list of projects which have curated tasks specifically for new contributors. These are a great way to get started with a project, or to help share the load of working on open source projects."

Sunday, September 09, 2018

hybrid cloud: GKE On-Prem

Containerize On Prem ApplicationsGKE On-Prem  |  Google Cloud

"With GKE On-Prem, you get the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) experience directly in your data center. A quick and simple install and upgrade experience that’s validated and tested by Google. GKE On-Prem also registers your cluster with Google Cloud Console in order to have a single-pane-of-glass view for managing all your clusters."

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Google replacement for the URLs?

Google engineers are working on a replacement for the URL - TechSpot

"DNS servers have been helping us get to websites almost effortlessly for decades now, but Google thinks its time for change. It says URLs have become to complicated and unwieldy and are easily exploited by phishing schemes. It wants to introduce something new, but it's not quite ready to reveal just what that is yet."

Google Developers Blog: Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links | Deep link potential users to the right place inside your app  |  Firebase

Create Dynamic Links  |  Firebase

Share your App content smoothly using Firebase Dynamic Links

cloud clients: Chrome Enterprise

After taking over many schools with simple to manage ChromeOS powered Chromebook devices, Google is now extending this to businesses... This may be a real treat to Windows in particular in SMBs.

Chrome Security - Chrome for Businesses

"Protect users and data with Google Chrome Enterprise — built for working in the cloud. Chrome Enterprise gives employees secure, instant access to cloud-based data, apps, and services while keeping your business a step ahead of emerging threats."

GopherCon 2018, GoLang 2

Opening keynote: Go with Versions - GopherConSG 2018 - YouTube

to help move from "Programming" to "Software Engineering"

GopherCon SG 2018 - YouTube

GopherCon 2018

Go 2 Gets off the Blocks: Feedback Requested on New Package Management, Error Handling, and Generics @ InfoQ

"At Gophercon 2018, Russ Cox explained what will go into Go 2, including error handling and generics, and gave a preview of what the current proposals for the new features look like."

Friday, September 07, 2018

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Cloud-Native Beyond Kubernetes

Beyond Kubernetes - 5 Promising Cloud-Native Technologies To Watch  @ Forbes

"After Kubernetes,Istio is the most popular cloud-native technology. It is a service mesh that securely connects multiple microservices of an application.

Prometheus is a cloud-native monitoring tool for workloads deployed on Kubernetes.

If Kubernetes is the new OS, Helm is the application installer.

Spinnaker is a release management tool that adds velocity to deploying cloud-native applications.

Kubeless is one of the most popular serverless projects in the cloud-native ecosystem. Its compatibility with AWS Lambda combined with the support for mainstream languages makes it an ideal choice"

Angular ngrx-data

Redux pattern, and ngrx, tend to produce a lot of repetitive code. There is a possible solution:

GitHub - johnpapa/angular-ngrx-data: Angular with ngRx and experimental ngrx-data helper

"Zero Ngrx Boilerplate

You may never write an action, reducer, selector, effect, or HTTP dataservice again.

NgRx helps Angular applications manage shared state in a "reactive" style, following the redux pattern.

But to use it properly requires both a deep understanding of redux/ngrx and a lot of boilerplate code.

Ngrx-data is an ngrx extension that offers a gentle introduction to ngrx/redux without the boilerplate.

Try it! See the Quick Start for instructions on adding NgRx and ngrx-data to your app.

This is a library for ngrx, not an ngrx alternative."

link from: 

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Android Actions & Slices

A new way to integrate mobile apps with mobile OS (search box)
to present relevant information without need to switch apps.
This is in particular useful for integration with Google Assistant (voice command).

It would be very useful to get something similar for web,
possibly integrated in web browsers.

Android P’s ‘actions’ and ‘slices’ are a whole new way to use mobile apps - The Verge

Android Slices with Jason Monk - Software Engineering Daily

A Closer look at Slices on Android – Adam Bennett – Medium

Slices  |  Android Developers

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Saturday, September 01, 2018

AWS S3 Select

S3 Select and Glacier Select – Retrieving Subsets of Objects | AWS News Blog

"3 Select enables applications to retrieve only a subset of data from an object by using simple SQL expressions. By using S3 Select to retrieve only the data needed by your application, you can achieve drastic performance increases – in many cases you can get as much as a 400% improvement."