Friday, May 19, 2017

Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer

Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer (preview) available in the Azure portal
"Data Explorer, now in preview, provides a rich and unified developer experience for inserting, querying, and managing Azure Cosmos DB data within the Azure portal and the Emulator.
Data Explorer consolidates many of the database management tools available in the Azure Cosmos DB portal, such as Document Explorer, Query Explorer, and Script Explorer, so that they can all be done without switching blades." 

Azure Cosmos DB

security: 2 factor authentication, no password (Microsoft Accounts)

Microsoft turns two-factor authentication into one-factor by ditching password | Ars Technica

"... for Microsoft accounts, Redmond is offering something new: getting rid of that first password and using just the phone to authenticate. With phone-based authentication enabled, after entering your Microsoft Account e-mail address, you'll receive an alert on your phone. From that alert, you can either approve or reject the authentication attempt—no password necessary." 

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Microsoft meets expectations with $23.6B in revenue, Azure revenue up 93% | TechCrunch
"Cloud: Total revenue from Microsoft’s “Intelligent Cloud” business hit $6.8 billion this quarter. Microsoft expects its cloud-computing business to hit a $20 billion run rate by 2018. 
...Azure revenue was up 93 percent,"