Sunday, October 13, 2013

Windows "Dynamic" Themes (RSS)

"Dynamic" Themes - Microsoft Windows

Windows themes (desktop background pictures) that get new images by RSS.

This is not dynamic, but is very nice
Landscapes on Earth, by photographer Michael Breitung

landscapes 2 by photographer Michael Breitung

Calling, Career, Job

How I Hire: Are You Looking for a Job or a Career? | LinkedIn:
by Daniel Burrus

Calling: "...people who have found what they were put on the planet to do"
...they have identified their unique gift and they have discovered the power in directing their talents to support the gift"

Careeer: "...who knows their talents and has focused them on a career. A person who knows their career is interested in learning more and getting to a higher level within their profession. They have a genuine interest in their work, and they’re in it for the long term..."

Job: "...where people are just there to make money. Often, they don’t care what the actual job is as long as it’s something they can do and that provides a paycheck"


Home | Breeze.js: "
/* Query like LINQ */
// Define query for customers
// starting with 'A', sorted by name,
var query = breeze.EntityQuery
           .where("CompanyName", "startsWith", "A")

//... execute it later ..."