Saturday, November 13, 2021

EV: Subaru Solterra

 Subaru reveals the Solterra SUV, its first electric vehicle - The Verge

The Solterra will come in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive variants, with either a 150kW (201 horsepower) AC synchronous motor driving just the front wheels or a pair of 80kW (107 hp) motors, one powering each axle, for a total output of 160kW (214hp).

Both models sport a 71.4kWh battery beneath the floor of the vehicle, which Subaru estimates will supply approximately 530km (329 miles)

Chrome Extensions: v2 => v3

The transition of Chrome extensions to Manifest V3 - Chrome Developers

Earlier this year, for Chrome 88, we announced the availability of a new manifest version for the Chrome extension ecosystem. Years in the making, Manifest V3 is more secure, performant, and privacy-preserving than its predecessor. It is an evolution of the extension platform that takes into consideration both the changing web landscape and the future of browser extensions.

January 17, 2022: New Manifest V2 extensions will no longer be accepted by the Chrome Web Store. Developers may still push updates to existing Manifest V2 extensions, but no new Manifest V2 items may be submitted.

January 2023: The Chrome browser will no longer run Manifest V2 extensions. Developers may no longer push updates to existing Manifest V2 extensions.

Chrome Extensions - YouTube by Rusty Zone

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