Sunday, November 04, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 Test Drive

Internet Explorer 10 Test Drive

A good set of HTML5 test pages / web apps for comparing web browsers and computers.

Beware that "Fish Bowl" test is using Canvas 2D, and there are other web technologies,
such as WebGL and SVG that could result in different performance results.

Firefox: Something fishy about Microsoft’s IE9 aquarium

Google WebGL Aquarium performance test

Tablets Proffit = Price - Cost Updates: The iPad Mini Costs $141 More Than Its Components...

"the 16GB (Google) Nexus 7 carries a $159.25 material cost and a $200 price tag.
And Amazon has been very candid that it loses money on every Kindle Fire HD it sells.
By contrast, there’s a $141 gap between the 16GB iPad mini’s asking price and its component value.

iPad mini teardown shows cost to manufacture of $188

Suppli’s report doesn’t take things like marketing and research and development into account, so Apple isn’t exactly making $141 on each 16GB iPad mini sold.