Thursday, October 26, 2017

book: The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

Triangulation 320: Scott Galloway - YouTube

"Scott Galloway is the author of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. He talks with Jason Howell about how Apple became a luxury brand, why Amazon is so addictive, what makes Google the new god, and why Facebook should be shut down."

" 1% of captured 90% of the income gains since the Great Recession 
so it's never been easier to be a billionaire never been harder to be a millionaire "

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google @Amazon
"Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most influential companies on the planet. Just about everyone thinks they know how they got there. Just about everyone is wrong.
...How did the Four infiltrate our lives so completely that they’re almost impossible to avoid (or boycott)? Why does the stock market forgive them for sins that would destroy other firms?"

Expert explains how Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have made enormous wealth - Business Insider

The Future Of Amazon, Apple, Facebook And Google @ Forbes

Scott Galloway: Big tech is avoiding taxes and destroying jobs

Why Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are so powerful [Video]
+ Microsoft, Netflix...

Scott Galloway (professor) - Wikipedia

a podcast and another book about the same 4 companies:

Reining In The Tech Giants | On Point
"The tech giants now who frame the workings of so much of our lives – Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple – have a range of reach beyond the industrial giants of the past. Into the most intimate corners of our lives. Across a huge spectrum of commerce, inquiry and communication."

Permissionless Innovation: The Continuing Case for Comprehensive Technological Freedom | Mercatus Center

WiFi WPA2: KRACKed security

Wi-fi symbol made out of clouds. Photo by Shutterstock

Episode 134: KRACKed security and a river of sensors – IoT Podcast – Internet of Things

"Security researchers disclosed a vulnerability in the Wi-Fi protocol that could cause problems for smart device owners. The details of the KRACK vulnerability:"

"Users are urged to continue using WPA2 pending the availability of a fix, experts have said, after security researchers went public with more information about a serious flaw in the wireless encryption protocol. So-called Key Reinstallation Attacks, aka KRACK, potentially work against all modern protected Wi-Fi networks....

It affects WPA2 Personal and Enterprise, regardless of the encryption ciphers used by a network. It mostly affects Linux and Android 6.0 and above, as well as macOS and OpenBSD. Windows and iOS are more or less unaffected due to the way they implement WPA2. Gadgets from Cisco, Linksys and other networking gear makers are also vulnerable. "

"The long short of all of this is: you're definitely affected in some way, it just depends on which devices you use as to how to protect yourself. The most important thing to do is check if all of your devices can be patched immediately: not just your router, but whatever you're using to get online too."

Here's the paper outlining the vulnerability with the full technical details:"Key Reinstallation Attacks: Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2" (PDF)

Krack Attacks (WiFi WPA2 Vulnerability) - Computerphile - YouTube
"Secure WiFi is broken - Dr Mike Pound & Dr Steve Bagley on the Krack Attack discovered by researchers in Belgium."