Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tesla Model S, 3 and X at Gigafactory 1

EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Model S, 3 and X at Gigafactory 1! – Motor Trend Presents - YouTube

AI IoT on a USB Key

Artificial intelligence now fits inside a USB stick

"The Fathom contains the Myriad 2 MA2450 VPU paired with 512MB of LPDDR3 RAM. The Myriad 2 is the chip found in the previously mentioned DJI and FLIR products. It's able to handle many processes simultaneously, which is exactly what neural networks call for. Because it's specifically designed for this -- its architecture is very different from the GPUs and CPUs that typically handle processing -- it offers a lot of grunt without requiring much power. It can handle up to 150 gigaFLOPS (150 billion floating-operations per second) while consuming no more than 1.2 watts.
Unlike Tegra's solutions for deep learning, the Fathom isn't a standalone system. The idea is you plug it into the USB 3.0 port of any system running Linux to get a "20-30x performance improvement in neural compute.
There's no firm price yet, but we're told it'll be less than $100."

IoT: Amazon Echo => Tesla Model S

Commanding a Tesla Model S Using Amazon Echo (Video)
"ask Alexa to pull the Tesla out of or into the garage "

"The tech behind this is all based in the cloud...using the Amazon Echo’s Alex Skill Kit to trigger on a keyword (‘ask KITT’) and send the resulting event to AWS Lambda. Lambda then executes... code ... Lambda function with Apex, ... use the Tesla Golang library ... The Golang code on Lambda then calls the unofficial Tesla API which in turns triggers the car to take action. In this case, to open the garage door via Homelink and drive on out using the Summon capability.
Amazon Echo Tesla Integration - YouTube