Tuesday, March 13, 2018

draw.io: cloud architecture diagrams tools

Online drawing tools, often used for (AWS) cloud diagrams.

draw.io  it is free (for single user), and open source JGraph @ GitHub

Integrations – draw.io : works with Google Docs (GSuite)
"highest user rated productivity tool in the Chrome Web Store"

draw.io – Online Diagramming

AWS diagram

AWS Simple Icons

other drawing tools:

Lucidchart Libraries »
AWS Marketplace listing »

Cacoo Store
Design Pattern Templates

Creately Templates

draw.io Diagram Editor

Cloudcraft smart AWS diagram editor

DC Solution Factory
Visual Architecture and Deployment

Download Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol / Icon Set
 - Visio stencil, PowerPoint, PNG, SVG from Official Microsoft Download Center

Icons and other assets for architectual diagrams | Microsoft Docs

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Google Cloud Platform icons and sample architectural diagrams, for your designing pleasure

free ebook: Getting Started with AI

"Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence:
A Practical Guide to Building Enterprise Applications
is full of case studies, implementation examples, and a survey of the current landscape. It's an ideal starting point for your journey into enterprise AI. And it's free courtesy of IBM."

AI class: How Google does Machine Learning @ Coursera

How Google does Machine Learning | Coursera

"About this course: What is machine learning, and what kinds of problems can it solve? Google thinks about machine learning slightly differently -- of being about logic, rather than just data. We talk about why such a framing is useful when thinking about building a pipeline of machine learning models. Then, we discuss the five phases of converting a candidate use case to be driven by machine learning, and consider why it is important the phases not be skipped. We end with a recognition of the biases that machine learning can amplify and how to recognize this.

... learning how to build and operationalize TensorFlow models."

some other ML classes:
  • Machine Learning with Andrew Ng coursera and Deep Learning Specialization coursera
  • fast.ai site
  • Machine Learning with John W. Paisley edx
  • Machine Learning Columbia University edx
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