Sunday, March 31, 2019

Collocation vs cloud price

there-is-no-cloudThe Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer
by Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror
"Given the prevalence and maturity of cloud providers, it's even a little controversial these days to colocate actual servers.

colocating mini-pcs

you pay almost three times as much for a cloud server.

if you do have need for dedicated computing resources over a period of years, then building your own small personal cloud, with machines you actually own, is not only one third the cost but also … kinda cool?"

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Google Stadia: cloud gaming

Logo for StadiaGoogle Stadia - Wikipedia

Stadia is a cloud gaming service

"Stadia", plural of "stadium", is meant to reflect that it will be a collection of entertainment, which the viewer can choose to sit back and watch, or take an active part in

It is the direct competitor to Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation Now service, and Microsoft's Project xCloud.