Friday, March 14, 2014

A Question of Craftsmanship

A Question of Craftsmanship @ InfoQ:

"Kevlin Henney addresses the motivation, implications, pros and cons of a craftsmanship view of software development, as well as touching on other metaphors and their implied practices."

People in high tech take pride in their work. 
They are individuals who see the details of the things they produce 
in the light of the trials and triumphs they experience while creating products. 
In the courage of creation, they find a place to hang their individuality. 
Programmers and techno types appreciate elegant, 
spare code and the occasional well-turned architectural hack.
- Rick Levine, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Software engineering is the science and art 

of designing and making, with economy and 

elegance, applications, bridges, frameworks, 

and other similar structures so that they can 

safely resist the forces to which they may be 


A Question of Craftsmanship - Kevlin Henney - Agile SG 2013 // Speaker Deck

Amazon Prime $99

As it Warned, Amazon Boosts the Price of Prime - Businessweek:

It may be time for them to start using natural gas instead of diesel :)