Monday, February 13, 2012

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"Stanford Engineering Everywhere is an online portal offering ten courses from Stanford’s School of Engineering— including the three-course introductory sequence in Computer Science— free of charge.

SEE offers course content available to Stanford students including instructional videos, reading lists and materials and class assignments. And SEE allows you to communicate with fellow SEE students online.

SEE encourages fellow educators to use Stanford course materials in their own classrooms.

Note: SEE courses cannot be taken for credit and do not include access to Stanford-restricted computers, libraries, or services. Content may not include all the material used in the campus offering and cannot be used for commercial purposes."


introduction to computer science | programming paradigms

Instructor: Cain, Jerry
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    The lectures and materials are very good.
    Compared with recent AI-class, also originated from classic Stanford classes
    but was implemented for online learning, watching long lectures without quizzes,
    is much less inspiring...
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