Friday, November 20, 2015

AI: smart swarms vs stupid herds (!)

Fascinating science:
  • "swarms" : groups that communicate in parallel, together, are much smarter than individuals (bees)
  • "herds" : groups where individuals follow one another are just larger, but less smart than individuals (sheep). 
The difference: in "team thinking" there is interactive engagement where individuals of community considers many options in parallel, like small magnets. In "follower" model, individual contribution is much less. So key is in the techniques of communication.

Big idea: to enhance human intelligence by effective communication, to be a viable competition to machine artificial intelligence.

Unanimous AI CEO Dr. Louis Rosenberg on Human Swarming @ Singularity 1 on 1

" Unanimous AI; the definition of a swarm and its differences from both a herd and a crowd; his platform computer interface for human swarming called UNU; predicting the Oscars with a human swarm; flocks of birds and schools of fish versus swarms of bees; swarms of experts as a super-expert; Miguel Nicolelis‘ brain-to-brain computers; collective intelligence

...Rosenberg has been awarded more than 300 patents for his technological efforts."
Unanimous AI CEO Dr. Louis Rosenberg on Human Swarming - YouTube


"don't just chat together, think together"

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