Friday, December 17, 2021

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excellent podcast story!!

The Complete History & Strategy of TSMC @Acquired

"...dive into the unbelievable history behind the quietest technology giant of them all — and as of recording the world's 9th (!) most valuable company — the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. This story checks every box in the Acquired pantheon of greatness: China, America, MIT, Don Valentine, Silicon Valley, "real men" looking silly, and... moats literally built by lasers. We're not kidding. Pull up a seat and settle in for a great one!"

The Santa Fe Institute

"Acquired tells the stories of great companies.

The show reaches more than 160,000 unique listeners every month, and has received over five million downloads. It has been ranked the #1 Technology show on Apple Podcasts"

"learn" programming in one (hour) videos !

Lisp Tutorial - YouTube 1:15 h

JavaScript Tutorial - YouTube 1:37 h

Python Programming - YouTube 0:43 h

Go Programming - YouTube 0:52 h

Java Programming - YouTube 0:30 h

C# Tutorial - YouTube 1:24 h

C++ Programming - YouTube 1:10 h

and many more...

by Derek Banas - YouTube

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