Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kano: A computer anyone can make

Kano: A computer anyone can make by Kano — Kickstarter:

Based on Raspberry Pi ($35), this kit ($99) is a clever way to promote experimentation with computer hardware (devices)...
Monitor is not included, just keyboard, SD card, case, speaker and cables.
Essentially, a new element is a fancy orange keyboard with keypad...

Amazon.com: CanaKit Raspberry Pi (512 MB) Complete Starter Kit (Raspberry Pi 512 MB + Clear Case + Micro USB Power Supply + Original Preloaded SD Card + HDMI Cable): Computers & Accessories

Product strategy is about saying "NO"

Product strategy is about saying, "NO". Des Traynor, Intercom | Business of Software:
"Delivering yesterday's broken technology tomorrow. 
Product strategy is about saying NO"

The claim is that often product features are being added because competitors have them,
and at the same time competitors may be in process of removing those same features or replacing with something new...