Friday, January 02, 2015

Trends in Data Science

Ten Trends in Data Science 2015 | Kurt Cagle | LinkedIn

  1. "Data Virtualization: data can come in from multiple channels and formats
  2. Hybrid Data Stores: XML, JSON, RDF and relational data in a single system
  3. Semantics Becomes Standard: SPARQL 1.1
  4. Hadoop Without Map-Reduce and Map-Reduce Without Hadoop
  5. Databases Become Working Memory
  6. Universal Data Query Language
  7. Data Analytics Moves Beyond SQL
  8. JavaScript Stack Solidifies
  9. Data Science Teams
  10. Data Visualization and Flexible Reporting"

IoT: Self-Powered (Texas Instruments)

Has Texas Instruments Cracked the Self-Powered Internet of Things? (TXN):

" won't find modern smart watches collecting power from your wrist movements, and very rarely from solar cells. The power available in these sources just isn't strong enough to charge a lithium-ion battery. That's where Texas Instruments' voltage converter comes in.

Combining and amplifying the voltage from tiny power sources such as vibration harvesters or heat-powered thermocouples...

Texas Instruments has done that work, preparing for a splashy presentation at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas." vNext on OSX and Linux

Running vNext on OSX and Linux:

"A preview of the latest platform, vNext, has been released by Microsoft. It is completely open-source and has cross-platform capabilities. vNext embraces non-Windows hosts as first-class citizens.


First, developers have to install Mono. Second, they have to install the “K Runtime Environment”, which is also known as KRE in general.

KRE is the command line environment that will develop and run projects via new project.json project files. K Version Manager (KVM) handles the installation process of the KRE. This is a simple app that is able to install KRE’s multiple versions and allows developers to make a convenient switch between them
vNext = ASP.NET 5, that includes ASP.NET MVC 6 and EF7

It is a modular re-write of the platform on portable .NET Core, not completely compatible with previous versions.