Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Oracle Cloud ML SQL Notebooks (Apache Zeppelin based)

Introducing Oracle Machine Learning SQL Notebooks for the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud! | Oracle Data Mining (ODM) Blog
"Apache Zeppelin based Machine Learning SQL Notebook for Data Scientists to Collaborate in the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud"

Apache Zeppelin
"Web-based notebook that enables data-driven,
interactive data analytics and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and more.

Zeppelin lets you connect any JDBC data sources seamlessly. Postgresql, Mysql, MariaDB, Redshift, Apache Hive and so on."

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Database
World's First Self-Driving Database | Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Self-Driving Database | Autonomous Database Cloud Oracle 18c

"...autonomous database cloud integrates applied machine learning to deliver self-driving, self-tuning, self-recovering, self-scaling, and self-securing administration—without human intervention—resulting in streamlined operations, more efficient consumption of resources, and higher security and reliability. With built-in automation at all levels to perform maintenance tasks..."

Self-Driving | Self-Securing |  Self-Repairing

Oracle, Ellison Seek ‘Path’ Around AWS
"strategy versus Amazon,...“autonomous data warehouse cloud.” The overarching goal is reducing costs, speeding application development and boosting database security via automated services. ... beyond the AWS infrastructure-as-a-service model to deliver “a complete suite of platform services that are at a higher level than low-level infrastructure stuff.”

Larry Ellison demonstrates how AWS is 5x to 13x more expensive (17:25)