Friday, August 26, 2016

Multi-Cloud tool: CloudBolt

CloudBolt Software | One View - Many Clouds
"CloudBolt is a simply powerful cloud management platform that enables enterprise IT to operate as a cloud service provider."
Connect your infrastructure with CloudBolt

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podcast interview: VM and Cloud Management with Jon Mittelhauser - RunAsRadio

co-creator of NCSA Mosaic & Netscape: Jon Mittelhauser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

InfoQ eMag: Cloud Portability
"Everything Is “Lock-In”: Focus on Switching Costs - Coding in Java, buying SAP, deploying OpenStack, and using Amazon Web Services: each one introduces a type of lock-in. However, it makes no difference how hard you try- some form of lock-in is unavoidable. What matters most is understanding the layers of lock-in, and how to assess and reduce your switching costs.
Multi-Cloud Is a Safety Belt for the Speed Freaks"

Microsoft Bot Framework

Building with the Microsoft Bot Framework with Dan Driscoll on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers

Microsoft Bot Framework

Bot directory

Bot Framework Overview | Documentation | Bot Framework

Bot Framework Downloads | Documentation | Bot Framework

Attachments, Cards and Actions | Bot Builder SDK C# Reference Library | Bot Framework