Sunday, February 20, 2022

chips: no Nvidia + ARM, Intel to make RISC-V

Nvidia calls off its efforts to acquire Arm | TechCrunch

RISC-V is Ready for Great Challenges - SiFive

SiFive  announced a collaboration with Intel using the SiFive Performance P550 processor to build a RISC-V development platform,

Episode 358: Why Resideo's First Alert buy makes sense - IoT Podcast - Internet of Things

k8s => w9y (Web Assembly)

webassembly: the new kubernetes? -- wingolog

k8s <=? w9y

Server-side WebAssembly is in a similar space as Kubernetes -- or rather, WebAssembly is similar to processes plus private namespaces. WebAssembly gives you a good abstraction barrier and (can give) high security isolation.