Thursday, June 26, 2014

online book: "Clojure from the ground up", site: "Factual"

Another "book in progress" online:

Clojure from the ground up: by Kyle Kingsbury.
Clojure from the ground up: welcome

Tap into definitive data on over 65 million places, updated and improved in real-time by Factual's data stack.

It gets more interesting!

Factual was founded in 2007 by Gil Elbaz, co-founder of Applied Semantics (which launched ASI’s AdSense product). Applied Semantics was acquired by Google in 2003...

And that was the tool that made Google's profit engine so effective!
Clearly, they are very knowledgeable... 
And apparently, they are using Clojure... 

tool: React | JavaScript UI without DOM

React | A JavaScript library for building user interfaces: by Facebook


Lots of people use React as the V in MVC. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it's easy to try it out on a small feature in an existing project


React uses a virtual DOM diff implementation for ultra-high performance. It can also render on the server using Node.js — no heavy browser DOM required."

React implements one-way reactive data flow which reduces boilerplate and is easier to reason about than traditional data binding."

Even more interesting is a ClojureScript wrapper for React, "om",
that is apparently twice FASTER, thanks to immutable nature of ClojureScript. 

Open Source book: Clojure Cookbook

Interesting approach for writing book: online, collaborative, on GitHub

clojure-cookbook/clojure-cookbook · GitHub:

"Clojure Cookbook marks Clojure's entry into O'Reilly's prestigious Cookbook Series. The book details a large number of recipes – pairs of problems and solutions – for common topics in Clojure."

Clojure Cookbook - O'Reilly Media

Recipes for Functional Programming

podcast interview with autors:

Blog | Luke VanderHart and Ryan Neufeld - Cognicast Episode 050 | Relevance

IoT: Big Data, Big Money

The Internet Of Things Will Radically Change Your Big Data Strategy - Forbes: "Companies are jumping on the Internet of Things (IoT) bandwagon and for good reasons. McKinsey Global Institute reports that the IoT business will deliver $6.2 trillion of revenue by 2025."


Reminds me of "SOA" recently, and ISO/OSI a while back...

A "brute force" approach, because "it is time".

Luckily, in today's connected world, a good simple ideas and solutions may still win, over complex and expensive systems....