Friday, September 13, 2019

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electric car for $10K

The World's Most Important Electric Car Is Launching Now, And It's Not A Porsche Or Tesla - The Drive

"The Renault City K-ZE has just been announced for the Chinese market, where it offers a stunning combination of electric range and low cost. Starting at 61,800 Yuan, or about $8,700 US Dollars, and its 30kWh Tianjin Lishen battery offers a remarkable 250 km, or 155 miles of NEDC-rated range. Even though this ends up resulting in a likely EPA range closer to about 100 miles, the fact that this eminently usable amount of range is available in a useful and well-proven vehicle for under $10,000 is a remarkable achievement."


Image Gallery: Renault Kwid based, City K-ZE all-electric hatchback revealed at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

Renault Kwid Electric Launched From Rs. 6.2 Lakh (61K Yuan) In China