Friday, August 12, 2016

Apple += ML startup Turi

Apple Buys a Machine-Learning Startup For a Reported $200 Million - Fortune
"Turi, the tagline for which is “Create intelligence,” provides a machine-learning platform with tools to help other developers embed its capabilities into their own applications.
... The company was until recently known as Dato, but had to change its name due to a trademark dispute with Datto, a data backup startup."

"Apple’s move Friday is part of a broader battle among Google, Facebook Inc. and Inc. to gain an edge in AI, particularly in the field known as pervasive computing, where software tries to automatically infer what people want"

interesting,  SVG logo:

turi is also a partner for 5 specialization classes at:
Machine Learning | Coursera
viewing classes is free, to get a certificate $79/class
Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach - University of Washington | Coursera

Love and marriage: How the UW is making bets on the brains of 'big data' and 'machine learning' - GeekWire
"In no fewer than three separate situations, the UW’s computer science department was able to attract world-class professors in “big data,” “machine learning” and “visual data analysis” by finding work at the UW or other opportunities for their spouses.

The new hires — including Carlos Guestrin from Carnegie Mellon University; Ben Taskar from The University of Pennsylvania; and Jeff Heer from Stanford University — come as a package deal with equally talented spouses who will be contributing to the UW or Seattle tech community in other ways."
Turi offers a free educational license for a popular Python based ML tool:
GraphLab Create | Turi
Reading: Getting started with Python, IPython Notebook & GraphLab Create | Coursera

Machine Learning is used everywhere, even by artists:
Machine learning for artists — Medium

learning: The Open Academy

Another web site with collection of coursers / lectures from top universities, all free to watch. Some of them are also available on other sites like Courseara or edX.

Welcome to The Open Academy | The Open Academy

"The online education platform with more than 8,000 lecture videos and 350 courses from universities around the globe."

Computer Science | The Open Academy

for human learning about machine learning:

Machine Learning | The Open Academy (Andrew Ng, Stanford)

Machine Learning (Caltech) | The Open Academy (Yaser Abu Mostafa)

Artificial Intelligence | The Open Academy (Patrick Henry Winston, MIT)