Saturday, May 07, 2016

Azure Application Architecture Diagrams

Info from: DEV205x Course Info | edX (free course: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions)
Application Architecture on Microsoft Azure
Microsoft architecture Blueprints

Microsoft Architecture Blueprint 3D diagram

The Blueprints use the Cloud and Enterprise Symbol Set.
Download Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol / Icon Set - Visio stencil, PowerPoint, PNG from Official Microsoft Download Center

Cloud and Enterprise Symbol/Icon set

Microsoft Software Architecture Diagrams and Blueprints (3D)
"Scenario-based diagrams that help you build new solutions fast"

Download Microsoft 3d Blueprint Visio Template from Official Microsoft Download Center

Visio Guy: a lot of useful info about MS Visio

Azure Infographics - Building real-world cloud apps

There are similar icons available free from Amazon Web Services:

AWS Simple Icons


and on the "open web":

Icon Archive - Search 590,918 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons

AI: Google's DeepMind

Deep Mind Discloses Details to InfoQ about NHS Partnership amid Reports of Vast Patient Data Access @ InfoQ

Google's Deep Mind Explained! - Self Learning A.I. - YouTube

Google DeepMind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

AlphaGo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Google DeepMind

Eclipse Che: web based IDE

Eclipse Che | Next-Generation Eclipse IDE, Cloud IDE, and Workspace Server

An Introduction to Eclipse Che @ InfoQ

Samsung and Codenvy release Artik IDE for IoT (based on Eclipse Che)
"The IDE can be used to write code in different languages, including Java, JavaScript, and Python. Interestingly for a browser-based IDE, it's also possible to write code in C and C++ as well."

Sounds like an alternative for VS Code and Atom editor.
But it is not, since it requires Java on the server, not JavaScript only.
It is apparently also using Electron client shell, same as VS Code and Atom.

Microsoft integrates Visual Studio with open-source Eclipse IDE | ZDNet