Friday, March 02, 2018

IoT security: MIT’s low power encryption chip

more custom chips...

MIT’s low power encryption chip could make IoT devices more secure

"...encryption... is energy-intensive. MIT is working on a new chip, however, to perform this sort of public-key encryption that only uses 1/400 as much power as a software solution would. In addition, the chip uses about 1/10 as much memory and executes processes 500 times as fast."

Could specialized HW like this also help adoption of block-chain technology?

IEEE Computing Edge

"Edge Computing" is a "new hot" technology.
Many tools and techniques optimized for "cloud" are as well useful on remote locations,
and can be managed in unified way, in particular useful for IoT and ML.

Great examples:

  • Microsoft Azure Stack (HW+SW) and Azure IoT Edge (SW), as well as 
  • Amazon Snowball Edge (HW+SW), as well as GreenGrass (SW)

IEEE (free) publication covering this:

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