Thursday, September 26, 2013

Carbon Nanotubes Computer

First Computer Made From Carbon Nanotubes Debuts - IEEE Spectrum:
"The computer is rudimentary by modern standards: it contains just 178 carbon-nanotube-based transistors... It operates on only 1 bit of information.... And it clocks in at just 1 kHz"
...the machine, developed at Stanford... is the first of its kind and an important step for a material that has long shown promise as an alternative to silicon"

GUID in 20 ASCII characters

Coding Horror: Equipping our ASCII Armor:

A GUID is 128 bits, or 16 bytes.

Hex encoded GUID... uses ASCII values 0-9, A-F and results in a 32 byte string:

An ASCII85 encoded GUID..... uses ASCII values 33-118 (decimal) and results in a 20 byte string:

Netflix's "Simian Army" (Chaos Monkey and others) @ InfoQ

Resiliency through Failure - Netflix's Approach to Extreme Availability in the Cloud:
"Ariel Tseitlin discusses Netflix' suite of tools, collectively called the Simian Army, used to improve resiliency and maintain the cloud environment. The tools simulate failure in order to see how the system reacts to it."

LinkedIn: Scalability & Availability @ InfoQ

Building Modern Web Sites: A Story of Scalability and Availability