Friday, January 27, 2017

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A Disturbing 1995 Prediction by Carl Sagan Accurately Describes America of Today | Big Think

IoT: $5 Linux Computers with Wi-Fi and more

The Onion Omega2 is a tiny little computer that only costs $5 - The Verge

Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT by Onion — Kickstarter

World's smallest Linux server, with Wi-Fi built-in. Building for the Internet of Things doesn't get easier than this!

Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT | Indiegogo

Onion – Invention Platform for IoT

Products – Onion

This Week in Google 387 Mommy's Special Shawl | TWiT

Onion Creates a $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Designed for IoT Applications @ InfoQ

8 superb -- and cheap -- Raspberry Pi alternatives @betanews


"coin-sized Linux computer/fully functional wireless router last week. It’s a cube-shaped device that comes packed with ports, including Ethernet, USB 2.0, microSD slot, and audio jack. You can read more about it here. The full VoCore2 costs just $11.99, but there’s a Lite version priced at just $3.99."

You can get one by pledging on Indiegogo now. Shipping is due to begin next month.