Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Apple Swift Programming Language (!)

This is a "real big deal": a new, modern, programming language
with the performance of Objective-C, a clean syntax like Python,
on the same runtime as Objective-C, for iOS and MacOS apps.

The Swift Programming Language: The Basics @ developer.apple.com

Swift (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 println("Hello, world")
 let people = ["Anna": 67, "Beto": 8, "Jack": 33, "Sam": 25]
 for (name, age) in people {
     println("\(name) is \(age) years old.")

This may force both Android and Windows to pick or create a dialect
from their ecosystem with similar characteristics... Will not be easy,
in particular to get "native-like" performance with JVM or CLR.
Maybe a subset derivative from C++11?
In any case, Apple is leading again...

ideas: Shoulder-to-shoulder remote collaboration

podcast: Shoulder-to-shoulder remote collaboration with Susie Wee, CTO of Networked Experiences at Cisco on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: 

"L" shaped space, not head-to-head video to avoid "potato head" effect;
(i.e. the collaboration camera is on the side, not on top of main monitor)

Developer: Cisco Augmented Collaboration Innova... | Cisco Communities
Project Spring Roll, which is the immersive augmented collaboration experience 
  • Head-to-toe TelePresence Video
  • Seamless integration of video communication and interactive content collaboration
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder whiteboard collaboration
  • TelePresence and WebEx integration

web: Angular's winning team

The creator of Durandal is now part of the Angular Core dev team - Google Groups

Rob Eisenberg, the guy who created Durandal is now part of the Angular Core dev team...

Angular has become the de facto standard for SPA development.

Angular and Durandal Converge:

"two primary goals" in his words:
  1. I would join the AngularJS 2.0 Core Team and help to design and implement AngularJS 2.0, bringing all my experience with Caliburn.Micro and Durandal into the mix.
  2. Whatever ideas or critical features from Durandal did not make it into the Angular 2.0 code-base, I would build as optional plugins to Angular 2.0. Thus, most Durandal users will have a direct migration path to Angular 2.0 either by using "vanilla" Angular 2.0 or by using the Durandal "flavor" by dropping in one or more optional plugins.
Very clever!

ideas: ElectriNet, The Future of the Power Grid

Clark Gellings: The Future of the Power Grid - IEEE Spectrum:

"concept of an Internet-like equivalent for the power grid... called the ElectriNet"

NAE Website - New products and Services for the Electric Power Industry

ElectriNet, the electricity network of the future, will be a highly interconnected, complex, interactive network of power systems, telecommunications, the Internet, and electronic commerce. ElectriNet will facilitate competitive electricity markets by supporting a myriad of informational, financial, and physical transactions among traditional utilities, independent power producers, third-party providers of electric energy services, consumers, and new participants in the electricity value chain...
  • smart grid
  • local energy networks
  • low-carbon, central-station power generation
  • electric transportation