Monday, April 22, 2024

node.js NPM => "VLT" ?

Introducing the Vlt (/vōlt/) Team — Last summer, Darcy Clarke (who used to work on the npm CLI team) wrote about a massive bug at the heart of the npm ecosystem around the security of manifests. Now, he’s teamed up with npm creator Isaac Z. Schlueter and fellow npm CLI team alumnus Ruy Adorno to work on… a new package manager and registry. 

  • Isaac Z. Schlueter: creator of npm, former CEO of npm Inc. & Principal Engineer at GitHub post-acquisition; Previously led the Node.js project.

  • Darcy Clarke: previously, Staff Engineering Manager for both npm & gh CLI teams at GitHub, npm Inc. & Co-Founder of Themify; Passionate contributor to OpenJS Foundation projects & standards WGs.

  • Ruy Adorno: Node.js TSC member & Staff Software Engineer joining directly from Google. Previously, Ruy lead key product ships as part of the npm CLI team at GitHub, npm Inc. & numerous startups.

Back in 2008, most people thought of JavaScript as just a client-side language. But when Google's V8 appeared, young developer Ryan Dahl made the connection between non-blocking servers, V8, and JavaScript. It was by combining these key elements that he was able to create the now hugely popular Node.js. What young Ryan Dahl probably didn't expect was how much forking drama would follow.