Sunday, April 05, 2015

Go lang for Android and iOS mobile apps

There is one more way to make portable mobile apps: by using Go language.
This is likely to be useful more for games, since access to mobile OS environment may be still limited.

app - GoDoc
import ""
"Package app lets you write Apps for Android (and eventually, iOS).
There are two ways to use Go in an Android App. The first is as a library called from Java, the second is to use a restricted set of features but work entirely in Go."


Windows Store Apps have access to OCR API in the device.
Sometimes  there is a needed for OCR on "server/cloud".
Microsoft's own control is now deprecated.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Control | Microsoft Azure Marketplace
There are some alternatives...
Tesseract (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK: public API recognition in cloud Windows Azure — IT daily blog, news, magazine, technologies

  • The “Cloud OCR SDK” is a new ABBYY online OCR service:
    • Available recognition options:
      • Full-text/full-page OCR
      • Field-level/Zonal OCR/ICR
      • Barcode recognition
      • Business Card recognition
    • Usage: online via http(s)
      no user interface
    • Processing can be controlled via web-service API
    • The recognition service can easily be integrated in own applications and services
    • Free development account just sign up!
Plans and Pricing ($0.1 -:- $0.03 / page)

Converting PDF to TIFF or text in C# - Stack Overflow

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