Sunday, September 07, 2014

links: Distributed Systems: theory for engineers

Distributed systems theory for the distributed systems engineer : Paper Trail:
"...What distributed systems theory should a distributed systems engineer know? 
 A little theory is, in this case, not such a dangerous thing. ... basic concepts ... every-day job as a distributed systems engineer... ‘table stakes’ for distributed systems engineers competent enough to design a new system..."

link from: Four short links: 3 September 2014 - O'Reilly Radar

Four Short Links analysis and commentary: O'Reilly Radar
Four short links: 1 September 2014

Graph Databases: Neo4j @ Azure

Introduction to Graph Databases | Data Exposed | Channel 9:
"demo of building and querying a graph database using Neo4j"

Microsoft Azure is embracing anything that can run on the Cloud,
including popular graph database Neo4j, that runs on Java VM.
Same as with Hadoop, Java runs on Windows, so no problem.
And even if it required Linux, no problem :)

It was similar with MongoDB, that also runs nicely on Azure,
but Microsoft anyway created Azure DocumentDB,
that is better integrated with Azure "native" storage.

I would not be surprised if sometime in the future somebody creates "Azure GraphDB" also, that could scale more horizontally on Azure storage (table or blob) and across multiple machines (no just master-slave replication).

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