Sunday, March 16, 2014

Run Android on PC

Surf Report: How to run Android apps on your computer:

"App Player" Windows Application that emulates Android 4.0

Another reason for Microsoft to "embrace" Android

(and make its own Android App Store, like for Nokia phones :)

Windows 8.x could "embedded" Windows RT, Windows Phone 8.x and Android each running in its own window, not fullscreen..  :)

It would be best to standardize PhoneGap,

and make it a part of all mobile OSs...

F# embedded in Excel

Excel Coding Errors Are Destroying World Economies and F# (with Tsunami) Is Here to Stop Them!:

Interesting marketing concept / idea:
it is easier to sell "pain killers" than "vitamins"
since people primarily want to solve immediate problems...

Microsoft Office is moving to JavaScript based plugins...
F# may be a bit too much power to average Excel user...

And Excel is used and misused for much more critical things
that it is designed for...

Excel Fail
London Whale Part Result Of Excel Error - Business Insider

It's all in JP Morgan's 129 page report onthe $6 billion trading loss. In an appendix on page 127, the report talks about how one London-based quant was working on a new VaR (Value at Risk) model for the Chief Investment Office.

On top of not being tested correctly, the report states that the model suffered from some pretty standard Excel flaws.

Microsoft Corporation Launches Cheaper Office Software
Microsoft Office tools remains the world standard for productivity software, with over one billion users spending over $25 billion dollars on them in that last fiscal year.